November 24, 2015

Putin In Iran To Hold Talks Regarding Syria

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In Tehran, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Syrians must decide their future for themselves. He said this talking among Iranian leaders focused on ending the Syrian crisis while implementing an international peace plan to end the four-year civil war that had displaced 3 million Syrians and left millions of men, women and children dead.

“No one from the outside can and should enforce models of government on the Syrian people and determine who should be in charge,” Putin said. “Only the Syrian people should decide that. There is no other way to reach a long-term settlement of the Syrian problem except through political talks.”

The Russian-Syrian Relation

Consistently, Russia has vetoed all attempts of the UN to put boots on the ground or provide military supplies to the Syrian rebellion against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The UN believes Russia’s close ties to Syrian President Assad has the country shield the Syrian Regime’s actions

According to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the UN and the United States intend to achieve diplomacy by using military means in Syria. He stressed that Iran and Russia must prevent the violence from escalating through wisdom and interaction.

The United States, France and other countries are talking about possible joint action against the Islamic State after the attacks on Paris and the destruction of a Russian jet in Egypt.

September 25, 2015

Saudi Government Criticised By Iran and Other Islamic Nations Over Tragedy

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The death of 717 pilgrims travelling from different parts of the world to Mecca was due to the mismanagement of the Saudi government according to rival Iran. Iran’s Supreme National Security council urged other Islamic countries to lodge protests against the Saudi government’s irresponsibility. It is the biggest Mecca tragedy in Saudi Arabia over 25 years.

Meanwhile, Saudi King Salman urged a review of the Pilgrimage’s safety procedures to shed light on the issue.

About two million pilgrims about to take part in throwing seven stones at the Jamarat. The stones were to thwart Satan where Prophet Ibrahim was tempted. The two converging lines intersected with each other, creating a stampede at the 46 degree Celsius weather in the Jamarat Bridge in Mina.

Meanwhile, 109 people died two weeks earlier when a crane at the Grand Mosque in Mecca collapsed.

Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saudi’s irresponsibility is what caused the catastrophe. It had declared three days of national mourning. Protesters against Saudi Arabia marched in Tehran mentioning the recklessness and mismanagement of the al-Saud family of Saudi Arabia.

Majority of pilgrims who died were from Iran with 131.Casualties from India were 14. Other countries including Indonesia and Nigeria had 3 and 2 dead respectively.

July 22, 2015

We’re All Fed Up With The Investment Banking Part

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Chancellor George Osborne definitely means business this time. Not backing down on his plans to separate retail banking from investment banking operations, I have to agree that it will make banks lots safer.

We could all recall how our own banks mis sold insurance policies on us and how they rigged several rates for their own capital gain. No, it’s not yet enough punishment that they pay billions of pounds for their atrocities. And no, it’s not yet enough they also suffer some strict new policies from regulators too.

Recently, Mr. Osborne increased bank levies by 8%, driving away plenty of the banking industry to the idea of moving out from Britain. While many said it would push up costs for customers especially for services, I don’t mind.

I’m quite fed up with the investment banking part. Banks are now ringfencing, giving them a huge selection of options should things go awry. Meanwhile, challenger banks, or newbie banks, are quite angered towards the higher bank levies.

Levies were designed to balance the “playing field” between established and challenger banks. Mr. Osborne just said that “you have to tax banking institutions as banking institutions.”

May 25, 2015

Samsung to Launch Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6

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Samsung Galaxy S6 owners know how surprising the unit really is with its top-notch performance. But nobody ever expected they would release an Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 by the following week.

The Iron Man S6 was first announced the previous month. Then, Samsung had created a special edition Galaxy S6 Edge the previous week.

What’s surprising during the teaser was how its box lit up. The later teaser had shown how the box revealed the Iron Man helmet from its rear panel. The colour scheme is, as Iron Man as it is, blue and gold.

However, not everyone can get Samsung’s Iron Man Galaxy S6. It is to be sold as a limited edition phone.

Nobody may prepare for it thought because Samsung has yet to announce the price of the unit.

Meanwhile, would you be interested in having one? Ask any investor and you could say that this unit would skyrocket in value in the next few years.


April 27, 2015

Injury Claim Premiums Rising; Government Still At Work

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Despite the falling number of car accidents and road-related injuries in the past few years, personal injury claims are still rising. The costs of insurance premiums have risen because of exaggerated and fraudulent claims. About 8 in 10 drivers are making injury claims for injuries. Because the injury is self-reported and requires no medical evidence, the insurance industry is actually losing more than £2 billion yearly for a typical insurance policy.

Prime Minister David Cameron has met with several insurers and stakeholders of the industry and have announced government support and help in bringing down the rising premiums of the market. The new measures might include tackling questionable medical evidence and challenging insurance companies to challenge seemingly-fraudulent cases.

The members of Parliament have reported that a 70% rise in motor injury claims in the past six years while having a drop of 23% in car accidents is not proportional and there is “something wrong” with the insurance system that is leading to inflated premiums and losses.

The government plans to ban referral fees that insurance companies, lawyers and claims management companies charge each other for passing the information around. The £1200 lawyer’s fee for small value personal injury claims would also be reduced.

The group of insurers are proposing that UK be under a similar measure from Germany, where a car traveling at 10km/h is the threshold for a valid injury compensation claim, two medical check-ups will be required and having a pool of individual experts who can examine the claims and give recommendations.

March 23, 2015

UK Home Secretary Promises UK Will Not Tolerate Extremists

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UK Home Secretary Theresa May said “Islamist extremism is the most serious and widespread form of extremism.” She added that Islamist extremists who reject the value of the United Kingdom will no longer be tolerated.

May also indicated a partnership of individuals and communities that would help tackle the issue. She said that everyone in the United Kingdom had responsibilities and rights and has to respect the laws and institutions.

After May’s election, Theresa May intends to implement the following:

  • “banning orders” for groups which do not reach the current threshold to be banned as extremists
  • civil “extremism disruption orders” to be used against individuals
  • “closure orders” to shut down premises owned or used by extremists
  • a “positive campaign to promote British values” to the public
  • a review of supplementary schools, which are currently unregulated, to “protect children from extremists”
  • HM Inspectorate of Constabulary reviewing how police forces have responded to “honour crimes”, female genital mutilation and forced marriage
  • new “extremism officer” roles in prisons to deal with extremist inmates and gangs
  • a “full review of citizenship law” to make sure successful applicants respect British values
  • a “sharp reduction” in funding for translation services and a “significant increase” in money for English language training

She had also raised concerns about the “Trojan Horse” Plot in Birmingham, which involved UK extremist “sleeper” agents may take part.

Theresa May made it clear that he UK government intends to defeat extremism in all forms and deems from evidence that it is  “obvious from the evidence that the most serious and widespread form of extremism we need to confront is Islamist extremism”.

January 21, 2015

Google Will Invest in SpaceX to Help Create a Global Internet Service

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Now it’s possible. Google and SpaceX could possibly create the biggest dream never before thought possible. They are teaming up to spread an Internet-by-satellite service.

SpaceX, one of Tech Tycoon Elon Musk’s projects, is attempting an ambitious plan to provide Internet services for the rest of the world.

Google had provided a $1 billion investment to SpaceX to help it take the Internet to space using satellites. Google’s investment has brought SpaceX’s value to $10 billion.

Musk said he intends to take the Internet to Mars and improve its service for Earth.

Meanwhile, Google had earlier tried similar plans, such as Project Loon 2013, which flew balloons that transmitted signal in different continents.

I’m thinking of all the possibilities that SpaceX’s project would definitely do for the world. Anybody with access to the Internet could access the information that they didn’t know from before.

Meanwhile, it is a great pleasure to see that it isn’t just SpaceX and Google who are racing out to improve global Internet connections. Facebook has outlined its own plans to improve Internet services worldwide using drones.

Think of a world that is connected 24/7, without much service troubles and a flat rate. Maybe these companies are planning to start something. Maybe they want the Internet to be as free as air in the world.


November 25, 2014

The Silliness of Binary Thinking

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Today’s world is probably seeing the worst of thinking as we know it. Bigotry has manifested into a binary form of thought that has led many to believe that their own belief is the only thing that exists.

The trouble is that people only think things in black and white. If one thing is not productive, then it is trouble. If one thing does not produce anything, it is useless.

I found it disturbing that people would actually assert their successes rather than their methods on how they achieved this success.

Another thing I found troublesome is that people think that if this one belief serves them properly during a point in their lives, then that is the right way to live. If this belief had brought them the kind of life they wanted, then they’re the only ones who are correct.

It saddens me that religion, politics and even philosophy, could keep a close mind towards the progress of human development. What saddens me more is racial discrimination, while supposedly abolished, is still present in the media airwaves today.

It is important to see the value of human lives and the quality of living instead of saying and claiming many things that are inclined for productivity, but never the value of a person. It is sad to note that we’re all bickering about asserting human rights rather than putting forward the fact that life is valuable and that every life on Earth deserves all that it could get.

October 15, 2014

I Am Appalled at the Killing of This Trangender Woman in the Philippines

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It seems that still, some Americans do not respect the LGBT community, not for their gender, but for their humanity.

Jeffrey Laude, a Transgender Filipino Female, died at the hands of a US Marine who met her at a local bar in the Philippines. The suspect’s ship, the USS Peleliu, remains halted and stationed in Philippine waters as US and Philippine authorities investigate the crime.

The suspect’s identity is still unknown because no formal charges exist as of yet.

Hotel authorities said that Laude, 26 years old, was dead inside a hotel in Olongapo City, at the southern part of the country’s Luzon continent. The Transgender female’s head may have been pushed into the toilet several times. Investigators also found two used condoms in the trash bin.

It is heartbreaking to note that Laude died less than an hour after she checked in with a male foreigner.

I only know of one thing that could fuel such rancour against the third gender. It is possibly this certain American has hatred for the community. Or, given the lacking discerning capabilities of us Westerners to spot “real women” and “transgenders” in Asian countries, he may have discovered he was male and was surprised.

Regardless the motive, I am appalled by the killing of a transgender woman. Every person has the right to express him or herself and be free from all condemnation.


September 11, 2014

Alibis are Small Things That Guarantee Various Results

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Once, I have attended a public court hearing. The case revolved around rape where a 21-year-old woman was forced to have intercourse by a middle-aged male. Both lawyers collected facts with cross-examination and presentation of evidence. It seemed the suspect was winning, the evidence was on his side, as well as an alibi.

His alibi was that the girl was drunk and had forced herself on him. Evidence showed that a woman’s strength created the tears in her dress found in the crime scene. This alibi will prove to free the suspect, who might or might not actually be a culprit in the case.

Alibis are actually the reasons why the legal system in every country, even in the greatly-efficient legal industry of the United Kingdom. A suspect with an alibi has a walk-away-free guarantee simply because the evidence points the other way. Meanwhile, the alibi, supported with possible evidence tampering, could create loopholes in the law.

Most rich and elite people get away with these crimes by having smaller individuals tamper with evidence. Most of these people are the ones who should be serving the law. Attracted to the money involved in performing such a menial task, they are more than willing.

This is why some powerful people in different countries want people to drown in a dwindling economy; it limits the capabilities of adversaries, and keeps them in power. It allows them to manipulate people through wealth, and all it takes to be free is a single, justifiable alibi.