May 30, 2012

Is a Compensation Culture Bad? I Don’t Think So

The United Kingdom my country and I’ve learned to love the country as long as I’ve been born. I lived in Cardiff with my parents and then moved to London when I was older. My parents always taught me to value my own right as a person and it is always correct to assert your opinions, let others argue with you and accept their opinion if they can prove it correctly.

I recently read about compensation culture in Wikipedia today. Also considered as Tort reform, it allows anyone who suffered personal injuries to seek compensation for the damages. The compensation culture is heavy in criticism nowadays especially from political entities. Like my parents always said to me, it’s very important to assert your arguments. Of course you can claim to be the injured party if you have injuries and of course you can claim for compensation for such. That’s justice for the little people, like me.

I don’t really get it why there are people against having compensation for injuries. But maybe its also because of those people who fake their injuries. I suggest that authorities tighten their observations about the causes of injuries or diseases. But for every injury wrought by an offending party, compensation should always be received by the injured party.

Earning compensation is the right of the injured party. To say otherwise is senseless and illogical. If you were the injured party in one point in your life, you will need compensation. The damages you received from the injuries will need expensive medical treatment and may have permanent effects in the future. It is not the citizen’s fault but the authorities in managing the compensation system in the country.

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