July 27, 2012

The Batman Shooter: Oh, The Humanity

I’ve recently watched the third installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman, “The Dark Knight Rises”. This premiered worldwide in July 20, 2012. Then news about the Colorado shootings reach the boob tube. I actually responded with shock, then figured out something that might have motivated to shooter to commit such atrocity.

James E. Holmes, 24 years old (quite young), was identified by authorities as the shooter in the Colorado mass killings in its Century 16 movie theater during the premier of the movie. He wore a gas mask, complete tactical armor and was armed to the hilt with a rifle, a shotgun and two handguns. His assault in the theater had killed 12 people and injured 58 more. The complete news story can be found here, care of CNN.

Holmes mentioned in the article that he was in the persona of “the Joker”. The Joker is one of the most famous arch-villains of the hero in Batman comics. “The Dark Knight”, the predecessor of the movie that premiered during the killings, starred Heath Ledger as the Joker. His menacing and award-winning portrayal of the joker is really something, which he got a posthumous academy award for upon Ledger’s death.

Holmes might believe himself to be an anarchist, as the Joker himself. These kinds of crimes are committed by criminals in the film. Movies nowadays can inspire the young with questionable morale values. While I understand the complete morality of the third installment, everyone has a different point of view when interpreting the message.

The shooter instantly turned himself in without resistance upon the arrival of authorities.

He accomplished one thing for sure with such incident though. It proved that humanity still exists. His actions exposed that almost everyone in Colorado did not have insurance. Hospitals in Colorado are now making ways to reduce patient costs because of the incident. While it is quite a grim statement, there are silver linings right after the acts of terrorism.

Truly, it is only when a major struggle exists the true nature of humanity is found.

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July 24, 2012

PPI Reclaiming is Easier Now – See ClaimingBackPPI.com

Reclaiming PPI is easier now when compared to previous times. The main factor why the PPI claims have become convenient is that the UK government has recognized the claims of the missold policyholders. Previously, reclaiming PPI was not permissible and for this, the rate of successful claims had been essentially poor. Now, the government has banned illicit selling of the Payment Protection policies and has authorized the claims of the missold PPI holders as well. Also, there is information such as that at ClaimingBackPPI.co to help you.

You would be astonished to know that only 20% people managed to make a positive outcome of the Payment Protection previously. Creditors turn down the mis-sold PPI claimants on various objectionable grounds. Especially people who bought the policies consciously and reclaim it later were failure to obtain reimbursement most of the times. Reclaiming PPI was not legitimately acceptable at that time. Now you can assign a PPI solicitor and approach your lenders directly. However, you need to know and clarify how PPI has been missold to you.
he UK government had to accept the situation created by innumerable missold Payment Protection policies. Amount of missold policyholders is more than 20 million at this moment in the UK alone. Moreover, banks and other similar financial organizations have made PPI almost phenomenon with most of the unsecured loans. Either they induce the borrowers in accepting the PPI policies along with the loan or they sell the same in guise even without taking consent of the borrowers. This was to be stopped. Thus, the government has enacted laws prohibiting this type of deceitful selling of PPI.

July 20, 2012

Financial Advisers: Clear Culprits of Mis Sold PPI

It is estimated that a great part of the the millions of citizens mis sold PPI –  has commission based financial advisers to blame for such fiasco. The mis selling of PPI, discovered by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in 2005, became one of the worst financial problems that UK ever faced. PPI is supposedly a beneficial product. Like all insurances, it works properly. However, given the manner that it was sold by bank representatives, insurance brokers and other financial advisers, it became notorious for extorting at least £3000 per customer.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is designed to provide 12 months of loan, mortgage or credit card repayments in case the customer needs to take weeks or months off from work to recover from their accident injuries or sicknesses. The PPI provides the same benefits for those who get unemployed during their loan repayment term. The PPI only guarantees the benefits given that the customer is in perfect employment and health status and has a steady income rate

Financial advisers are the main culprits of mis sold PPI. Using their financial expertise as a backdrop to scheme for higher commission, they advised many customers that the insurance policy would benefit them. In reality it would, if the customers were only in perfect health and were employed. Millions of UK’s retired, unemployed, self-employed and those having pre-existing medical conditions cannot make a claim for the insurance benefits.

Banks have topped up the amount of the nationwide PPI compensation package to £5 billion. In 2011 alone, given the establishment of the new claims guidelines, millions were able to claim from the £1.9 billion paid out by banks for mis sold customers. The consumer group Which? has finally settled with PPI providers and banks to allow customer to make a claim for themselves in an easier PPI claims process.

However, the amount you get might not actually be the amount that you should get. Consulting with a claims expert is highly advised as they can see to it that all the details of your claim are in order. You can consult with them regarding what you need to get back all the repayments you deserve. If you find that you don’t have time to make your own claim, they can do it for you on a no win no fee basis – for more information on reclaiming PPI, visit www.ppiclaims.co.

July 13, 2012

Justifications for the Miner Strike in Spain

Recently, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy had approved the budget cuts on respective public welfare and bonuses for the entire country through an austerity drive intended to finally resolve the demands of Brussels for Spain to meet their deficit targets. Sales taxes were raised, unemployment allowances were cut back and civil servant bonuses were also cut back along with their days off. However, shortly after the announcement, coalminers all over Spain marched to Madrid to express their disappointment in the government.

Clearly, as an activist myself, I can see the point in the miner’s actions. But I have to make the point clear hear to justify their actions. Spain’s debt problems all over Europe had been a result of a poor banking system and a lack of access for regulators. To save its banks, resolve its debt-ridden economy and finally make their way to economic progress, Spain had to make an austerity package to pay off their debts within a few years. The only way they can do this is to cut the public welfare budgets, which might risk the country falling into economic depression again.

Mining is not the best kind of occupation you’d want in the world. However, miners enjoy great benefits, which is why they are on strike in Madrid. Don’t get me wrong, these are not as luxurious as you might think. Every time a miner goes down a shaft to mine, they take the risk of being buried alive. Throughout history, hundreds and thousands of miners have been killed by mining accidents and undergrounds explosions because of the claustrophobic conditions and cyanide fumes that can be found underground.

Miners put their life on the line the moment they descend the shaft,which is why their fury is understandable. However, given the situation, Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy is also correct; they have limited options. Spain has many debts and to have other countries buy these debts would mean having to answer new demands and sharing new problems with other countries.

If you were the leader of such a country, what option would you choose as well?

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July 6, 2012

Syrian Violence and Massacre: The Political Side of Things

I know its quite unusual for internet-savvy people like me, but recently, I’ve watched the TV more often than I should. It’s because I caught in the evening news that the Syrian Crisis has escalated to more than tens of thousands of deaths. The more I watched the more I understood why the people continued to be killed. The Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, is continuously cracking down on the Syrian opposition. Anybody who supports the protesters and opposes the government is subject to death.

The UN is already on the case, but are powerless to act. Kofi Annan, the UN’s special envoy for peacekeeping missions gave his prescription of a national unified government. Most world powers agreed with his idea. However, it is the Syrian opposition who had refused to actually support the solution for the entire ordeal.

In this particular context of the situation, I found myself condemning the actions of both parties. While sectarianism and a deep divide is abound in Syria because of two idealistic parties, they are not the ones who are suffering the damages of their civil war. It is the people. It was reported by UN observers that 49 children were massacred in the bombing of the Homs village in Syria. President Al-Assad is to be tried for crimes against humanity.

What’s also bothering me is that, the UN upholds Syria’s sovereignty in the midst of innocent lives defenseless against military force described as a crackdown. This is why politics is never good. UN’s position in the Syrian crisis, even if they appear to want to do anything, is ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’. If they do something and use force to preserve the peace in Syria, they can be condemned for their actions. However, if they were not to act as quickly as possible, they are also damned per death of innocent lives.

Clearly, action is needed in these particular situations. But the problem is that politics is getting in the way. The UN intends to resolve the conflict in Syria through helping the internal parties have a clear resolution. Violence is never the answer for anything. Kofi Annan states that only through peace and the acceptance that both sides have a common, shared future can the Syrian crisis actually stop.

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