October 1, 2012

What Will Happen if the Internet Gets Privatized

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The Internet is one of the best resources that technology has given to humanity. The ability to post and disseminate information that you know first-hand, talking to people and loved ones, finding the knowledge you need for basic to advanced education and expressing yourself has grown much larger through the technology. However, what would happen if the Internet was indeed privatized?

Privatization means the buying and managing of a certain product or service by a single company or group. By privatizing the Internet, they have access to all the information that users share in the Internet and have control over what appears and what can’t. They also have the means to improve connections and withhold services to people or territories in which they find the Internet threatening or unsuitable.

Should the Internet be privatized, a code of conduct will be implemented throughout the network. The behavior of users can be monitored. With such, information stored in social media can easily be used by authorities wielding it in their own power to use it against the person. The biggest threat is that these information can be sold to companies and businesses, which can compromise personal security.

Just like television, the media appearing in the Internet will be controlled. Governments can censor what appears in the Internet based on moral and ethical discipline as dictated by them.

What made the Internet special for all of us is that it allowed us to use curse words. It allowed the freedom of expression and explanation for people who have their own reasons to express themselves offensively or in a shrewd manner. But then, words and images are harmless.

The Internet is a cyber-neighborhood and users are responsible for the things they consume. If the companies privatize the Internet, it is the equivalent of being told where to live, what to dress and how to talk or else you will be punished by law. We must fight against privatization of the Internet. We must stand by our neighborhoods, as the Internet is also one of our homes.

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