January 24, 2013

Damini’s Death And False Equal Rights in India

Damini, the name of the protesters for the 23 year old rape victim whose real name is withheld, recently died in Singapore after being aided for more than three weeks after she was gang raped and brutally battered by four men. The suspects, including two suspected accomplices including a minor and the bus driver in whose bus the crime happened, are now refused defense by the Saket Bar Association of India, deeming the case to be inhuman and emotional attachment may make the defense ineffective.

The world had a sense that India has moved on from its raw, primitive, paternal society into a more liberal world where both sexes’ rights are respected but after the incident, it revealed more troublesome issues for women inside India. In 2012 alone, around 600 reported cases of rape were recorded by authorities. Now think about the unreported ones and how many could they be.

The reason why women in India do not report the sexual assaults done against them is because authorities such as the police and policymakers do not do anything about it. It is recorded and then not given attention. Sometimes, the police themselves are the ones committing the lascivious acts themselves against the women.

The death of Damini and the suicide of a 17 year old girl who were raped by three men during the Diwali Festival are not the only ones that should be given justice in India. It is truly heartbreaking to see lives shattered just to satisfy the animal cravings of people who are driven only by their own satisfaction.