May 16, 2013

Modern Slavery and How “Big Bodies” Control You

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Every day, you go to work. You wake up early, set up breakfast for your children (if you’re a mom), you do the groceries, pay your bills, taxes and save up for some of the things you want. Most of the things you purchase on a daily basis go on credit. Most western country citizens have 30% of their income going to their mortgage, financing for a new car, etc.

All these things are things we need. I myself have mortgage to pay for my own house and my car. I pay at least 15% of my monthly income. However, this is how subtle slavery actually works in the world today.

Modern media proclaims that only a person with a stable job, a good house and a family that could grow with good education is the “model family”. With good family values, a family stays together through tough times. However, having a family ties you with different commitments. While familial obligations are not objectionable, the financial side of the problem makes you a profitable resource for your country, namely the corporations that rule in your country.

Banks offer you financial products to finance the things you need. You get tied on credit being enticed by beautiful and expensive appliances, vehicles and houses. Corporations amass great riches that sometimes influence government decisions that favour certain industries. In the end, where does it leave the common citizen?

“Big bodies” control you by introducing you to things that you don’t need. They’ve used the moral code of every human being to build capital and business. Anything that is immoral is a potential threat to this system and if everyone turns immoral, their system will break down.

However, this is modern slavery. Even if you think you are in control, you are only having an illusion of control.