July 4, 2013

Did Edward Snowden Really Misuse The Internet?

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For all I know, the Internet is something that allowed me to come in contact with people I’ve longed to share ideas and ideals and knowing more of the world outside my own country. Everyone posts information about themselves in the world wide web. However, when you post information about government activities, you could go to jail.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon personally condemned the NSA and GCHQ whistleblower for misusing the information highway to leak information about the US government’s confidential information and he had abused his position as a contractor. Moon also condemned him for creating problems that “outweight the benefits of public disclosure”

Outweigh, now that’s a word that’s useful in expressing the data leak can cause public unrest.

Moon responded to a request of elaboration by saying that information access could contribute to the greater good, but it could create damages as well.

This reply is quite troublesome. Does Ban Ki Moon mean that the truth actually hurts when the world knows of it?

Putting things into perspective, the former NSA contractor leaked the information at the time when the G8 Summit was held and the countries, including Russia and China, were to discuss the fate of Syria. Snowden said that the operations were to allow the countries to gain a 1-up on the situation.

So much for our surveillance, here comes Big Brother.

If this is digital misuse on part of Snowden, what is the NSA doing? If people do not have the right to privacy, then the core of democracy is actually lost as individuality and corporations could be controlled at will.

I for one do not believe Snowden misused the Internet. I actually think he did the right thing of informing people about what their governments are doing to them and other countries. The truth hurts and has some irreparable consequences, but everyone deserves to know and handle them as well.