September 17, 2013

Putin Against LGBTs. What’s New?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin really needs a great kick in the balls. Proposing a bill that limits the spread of information about LGBTs and welcoming one’s chosen identity in preservation of “traditional Russian values” is never a good excuse to arrest several gays and lesbians just because you hate them.

The Russian government had been greatly notorious when it comes to treating demonstrations and had made notable arrests in pride marches and demonstrations. There’s really nothing new about this new law.

However, this is counter-productive for Russia; even if the country’s economy is strong and its people are hailed the least emotional of all in the world. Today the country stands with pride and has a great standing in the world, but once it falls, all these laws and all the harassing risks the Russian government took will take its toll in the future.

What the Russian government fails to see is that the LGBTs are similar to blacks, who were thought by the former elite to be a bane to humanity but today are accepted as part of society in equal standing with all colors and sexes. This is the same with effeminate men and manly women; they are not banes to humanity.

They should never be arrested because it is never a crime to be one’s self, even in defiance of Russian tradition, or any kind of tradition in the world.