October 18, 2013

The Internet Breeds Objectivity: Good or Bad

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One thing’s for sure: the Internet is here to stay. The UN even declares the Internet as a basic human need that governments need to provide their citizens. So, yey! We have our Internet, we could meet new people, shop the hell we want and find new information about things we’re actually interested about.

One thing I’ve noticed in most blogs, forums and social media content I’ve seen is that the Internet breeds a culture of indifference. I’ve stated a while ago that social media and the Internet allows anonymity to work for a good cause. It actually breeds objectivity. However, too much of anything is bad.

Being objective, many people could discuss certain issues with irreverent humour, which does not sit well for anybody. However, the only thing that those who disagree could do is to leave the forum and allow people to continue with their obscene or offensive humor.

Offensive humor is not bad per se, but it is also a way to degrade the value of something so valuable and important for many people. The only justification for this sort of action is, you guessed it, objectivity, which ensures progress.

I have nothing against the philosophy but there are some things some people are sensitive talking about and finding them in the wrong places gives the Internet a bad name.