November 21, 2013

What is Considered Normal In Today’s Society

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Normal means that an individual or an event is socially accepted as part of an event that could happen at regular intervals. To be normal in today’s society means to be part of society. In the 21st century, an individual is considered normal if he or she has or is still having formal education, knows usage of modern technology, earns an average wage and will likely have insurances and other future investments under their wing.

To be normal in today’s society is different a century back. In the past, you were considered a nerd if you worked on technology or programming, or if you had any knowledge in using the Internet. To be a normal young man or woman, you must be engaged in sport, you have average grades in class, you have a group of friends and you hang out regularly one day or night during a week.

Normal before also means dressing to impress regularly is not every day but only in a specific day of the week. Of course fashion varies depending on the year or era, but today’s fashion statements are quite more liberal than in the previous years.

Normality and the acceptance of society for such norms are measuring tools to show the way society is thinking at the current time. At this age, information and knowledge is crucial to becoming normal. It is normal to be too knowledgeable and intelligent in many things, and this is possibly a good thing.