December 18, 2013

The Hip in Today’s Culture: Independence and Knowledge

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Observing the young students, graduates and professionals of 2013, the world has clearly spun around quite long enough for those who lived in the older generations to make keen observations. The mainstream culture in the younger society changes fast as trends in businesses change accordingly as well. While it was discussed what is normal in today’s society, this will talk about what’s hip in today’s culture.

Hooking up and picking up women and expanding their networks is what a young male does for entertainment and for social interaction. In the western hemisphere of the world, sex and personal independence is crucial for a young male to prosper in his professional life.

For a female, it is almost the same. Except that during the earlier generations, women liked to be courted. Today, many females also court males that they desire.

Based on these observations, it is keen to say that independence plays a great role in the western world. Some Southeast Asian countries may adopt this system as well, but some still retain their traditions, especially in more religious countries.

You’re hip if you have a creative outlet, could dance and talk very well, have good grammar and are knowledgeable about fixing computers or certain devices. Geeks have reached the mainstream and those who were once outcasts are now the most hip people.

Hip contributed in the shunning of unintelligence and mere bravado. With great highways of information, people could research and become knowledgeable in anything they could possibly want.