February 4, 2014

With All Due Respect to Traditional Families in France

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It seems that ‘first come, first served’ is the culture in France aside from its magnificent art. I’ve read this article regarding conservative protesters who are against gay-friendly reforms because it could harm traditional families. I don’t like it one bit because I always knew France to welcome the freedom of expression more than the US could.

College students and young professionals participating in the protests is what actually surprised me. I would understand conservative and traditional families, but I know that most of these college students and young professionals have seen third-gender discrimination in their respective campuses and workplaces. There is probably something more than just the contradiction against the third-gender’s social rights in the country, particularly IVF and surrogate motherhoods, which would benefit third-gender couples.

Doing some research, I found out that the entire country is opposed against Socialist President Francois Hollande, who had become unpopular with a great many in the French population because of the ineffectiveness of his platform. He succumbed to conservative reforms and had cancelled the new family laws slated to be implemented in 2014.

Everyone has their right to have their say. I read that some of the protesters, who are part of the Catholic and Muslim faith, said that they had the freedom to express themselves as well.

Truthfully, I myself find the French government politically weak in implementing its system. If Hollande easily crumpled under intense pressure, his government could not implement further laws for its platform.

But, to all traditional families in France, you make it sound like gay people are insane and are a disease. Even so, they are reserved the right to have children, even though modern technologies. They are also human, they deserve the things you also have, and with it their own beliefs and rights.