March 6, 2014

Ukraine Revolt Is a Fight for Human Rights

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I’ve been following the news on the Ukraine revolt that happened in Russia. What started as a contradictory protest against Ukraine’s signing off the deal with the European Union and going for the option provided by Russia. According to ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, the deal was made because Ukraine could not afford its deal with the European Union, yet Russia had agreed to provide financial support for Ukraine.

This dissatisfaction began the protests against the government for ‘enslaving’ itself to the terms of Russia and for bringing up ties of ex-Soviet era alliances. However, Russia claims that the revolt was a plan to overthrow the current constitution and it succeeded in removing Viktor Yanukovych from office.

Some journalists and protesters said that the protests, which had claimed dozens of lives and destroyed billions of dollars in properties, were for their human rights and correcting the attitude of their current government. Protesters said riot police were intolerant against protesters. Journalists had even found the plans of Yanukovych to kill some protesters with sniper fire in Maidan/Independence Square in Russia.

Currently, the United States is accusing of Russia for inserting military forces in Crimea, which is a part of Ukraine. Unidentified gunmen had raised Russian flags in captured government buildings and military bases.

Let’s stay tuned about the developments, notably about how Human Rights Groups and other activists react to the latest developments in Ukraine.