June 12, 2014

It is Obvious What North Korea Really Is

Category: Politics — Tags: , , , , , – Dave @ 4:15 am

If you strip your individual countrymen of their own personal will and intentionally give them a blind will as proposed by the government and the state, then you are treading over their human rights. Besides this, physical and mental abuses that your countrymen do not realize you are committing are also grave human rights violations. We all know all this is present in North Korea.

I bring this issue up again because of the news that the North Korean government is threatening to attack Seoul because it had hosted a UN Field Office to deal with North Korea’s human rights violations. Indeed, the UN and the world governments know why North Korea is acting ill-willed against South Korea; they have some secrets they need to hide.

The truth is, nobody really knows what is going on in there. Despite visits from foreign media, dignitaries and personalities (such as Dennis Rodman), North Korea obviously only plays for its higher-ups than providing the necessary public service their country needs.

The UN had accused North Korea of systemic, widespread and grave violations of Human Rights. That is indeed, true. Despite me not knowing much about North Korea, it only takes one man in power and a blind nation to see that the country is committing human rights violations against its people.