July 11, 2014

How the Middle Eastern Conflicts Show the True Nature of Humanity

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We are humans. We have dreams. More than survival, we want something more to life, and that is fulfilment. However, when we fail to achieve our fulfilments even with the best of our efforts, we become cynical. This is when people turn to society, religion and philosophy for guidance.

In the Middle East, sectarian divisions practice different versions of religions, and each hold a different value system from one another. The desire to help each other, and the idea of belongingness, helps soften the reality of failures, and allow them to move in a collective manner towards a single goal. In religion this is common, and true human nature shows the extremes one could go for one’s dream.

Israel’s recent losses with three teenagers mercilessly kidnapped and killed, had accused Hamas and Gaza of committing such heinous acts. Without much evidence to clarify the situation, Israel’s military had begun operations against the militant group, claiming more lives in the process.

Revenge can be a dream, but it shows the true nature of humanity and his or her passion in fulfilling a goal that will satisfy their current situation. It shows that humanity is eternally in conflict with one another. In contrast, it also shows the biggest opportunity for love and acceptance from both sides.

But the world, becoming cynical and accepting the fact that dreams cannot be realised and only survival, belongingness and a collective goal is the only way, forgets about these noble values and instead, turns against his or her brother or sister. The raw reaction in the Middle East proves this. The rest of the world denies that they are likely to be like the Middle East by doing the same thing, but in secret and with transparent words.