August 14, 2014

People Are Hostile Because of the Information We Receive

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Nobody is foreign to the idea of viral information in today’s internet culture. Viral posts spread on social networks like wildfire and most of these are factual with credible sources. Internet readers then recognise the existence of facts all over the world, and it infuriates them to know about negative aspects of life in the world, their powerlessness to act against it, and the consequences of a possible action.

Information is relevant even if it is just a small thing. Let’s imagine that you were just dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend. Knowing your significant other is also in pain, you also wallow in your own loss. However, when you begin to know that he or she is already happy with someone else, this small bit of information can send you in emotional bouts with yourself.

Today’s world has grown cynical with the realities presented to them. Researchers are accurately measuring poverty, food shortage, wars, gender violence and other kinds of problems existing in the world. However, they feel that they are powerless to act except to create demonstrations to have their voice heard. But still, nothing can be done. If anybody tried to usurp the existing social order, a heavy price to pay is needed before the world is rebuilt, and again, the same problem can exist.

Living in the information age is receiving information that we want and do not want to know about. When we realise that the world is not as it was cracked up to be, chances are we become cynical and lose the will to continue further, because we think we are powerless.

Today’s society is equivalent to knowing so much, but no one to tell a secret to because you cannot trust anyone.