May 25, 2015

Samsung to Launch Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6

Category: Internet — Dave @ 7:10 am

Samsung Galaxy S6 owners know how surprising the unit really is with its top-notch performance. But nobody ever expected they would release an Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 by the following week.

The Iron Man S6 was first announced the previous month. Then, Samsung had created a special edition Galaxy S6 Edge the previous week.

What’s surprising during the teaser was how its box lit up. The later teaser had shown how the box revealed the Iron Man helmet from its rear panel. The colour scheme is, as Iron Man as it is, blue and gold.

However, not everyone can get Samsung’s Iron Man Galaxy S6. It is to be sold as a limited edition phone.

Nobody may prepare for it thought because Samsung has yet to announce the price of the unit.

Meanwhile, would you be interested in having one? Ask any investor and you could say that this unit would skyrocket in value in the next few years.