September 25, 2015

Saudi Government Criticised By Iran and Other Islamic Nations Over Tragedy

Category: Politics — Dave @ 2:43 pm

The death of 717 pilgrims travelling from different parts of the world to Mecca was due to the mismanagement of the Saudi government according to rival Iran. Iran’s Supreme National Security council urged other Islamic countries to lodge protests against the Saudi government’s irresponsibility. It is the biggest Mecca tragedy in Saudi Arabia over 25 years.

Meanwhile, Saudi King Salman urged a review of the Pilgrimage’s safety procedures to shed light on the issue.

About two million pilgrims about to take part in throwing seven stones at the Jamarat. The stones were to thwart Satan where Prophet Ibrahim was tempted. The two converging lines intersected with each other, creating a stampede at the 46 degree Celsius weather in the Jamarat Bridge in Mina.

Meanwhile, 109 people died two weeks earlier when a crane at the Grand Mosque in Mecca collapsed.

Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saudi’s irresponsibility is what caused the catastrophe. It had declared three days of national mourning. Protesters against Saudi Arabia marched in Tehran mentioning the recklessness and mismanagement of the al-Saud family of Saudi Arabia.

Majority of pilgrims who died were from Iran with 131.Casualties from India were 14. Other countries including Indonesia and Nigeria had 3 and 2 dead respectively.