July 22, 2015

We’re All Fed Up With The Investment Banking Part

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Chancellor George Osborne definitely means business this time. Not backing down on his plans to separate retail banking from investment banking operations, I have to agree that it will make banks lots safer.

We could all recall how our own banks mis sold insurance policies on us and how they rigged several rates for their own capital gain. No, it’s not yet enough punishment that they pay billions of pounds for their atrocities. And no, it’s not yet enough they also suffer some strict new policies from regulators too.

Recently, Mr. Osborne increased bank levies by 8%, driving away plenty of the banking industry to the idea of moving out from Britain. While many said it would push up costs for customers especially for services, I don’t mind.

I’m quite fed up with the investment banking part. Banks are now ringfencing, giving them a huge selection of options should things go awry. Meanwhile, challenger banks, or newbie banks, are quite angered towards the higher bank levies.

Levies were designed to balance the “playing field” between established and challenger banks. Mr. Osborne just said that “you have to tax banking institutions as banking institutions.”

November 25, 2014

The Silliness of Binary Thinking

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Today’s world is probably seeing the worst of thinking as we know it. Bigotry has manifested into a binary form of thought that has led many to believe that their own belief is the only thing that exists.

The trouble is that people only think things in black and white. If one thing is not productive, then it is trouble. If one thing does not produce anything, it is useless.

I found it disturbing that people would actually assert their successes rather than their methods on how they achieved this success.

Another thing I found troublesome is that people think that if this one belief serves them properly during a point in their lives, then that is the right way to live. If this belief had brought them the kind of life they wanted, then they’re the only ones who are correct.

It saddens me that religion, politics and even philosophy, could keep a close mind towards the progress of human development. What saddens me more is racial discrimination, while supposedly abolished, is still present in the media airwaves today.

It is important to see the value of human lives and the quality of living instead of saying and claiming many things that are inclined for productivity, but never the value of a person. It is sad to note that we’re all bickering about asserting human rights rather than putting forward the fact that life is valuable and that every life on Earth deserves all that it could get.

September 11, 2014

Alibis are Small Things That Guarantee Various Results

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Once, I have attended a public court hearing. The case revolved around rape where a 21-year-old woman was forced to have intercourse by a middle-aged male. Both lawyers collected facts with cross-examination and presentation of evidence. It seemed the suspect was winning, the evidence was on his side, as well as an alibi.

His alibi was that the girl was drunk and had forced herself on him. Evidence showed that a woman’s strength created the tears in her dress found in the crime scene. This alibi will prove to free the suspect, who might or might not actually be a culprit in the case.

Alibis are actually the reasons why the legal system in every country, even in the greatly-efficient legal industry of the United Kingdom. A suspect with an alibi has a walk-away-free guarantee simply because the evidence points the other way. Meanwhile, the alibi, supported with possible evidence tampering, could create loopholes in the law.

Most rich and elite people get away with these crimes by having smaller individuals tamper with evidence. Most of these people are the ones who should be serving the law. Attracted to the money involved in performing such a menial task, they are more than willing.

This is why some powerful people in different countries want people to drown in a dwindling economy; it limits the capabilities of adversaries, and keeps them in power. It allows them to manipulate people through wealth, and all it takes to be free is a single, justifiable alibi.

August 14, 2014

People Are Hostile Because of the Information We Receive

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Nobody is foreign to the idea of viral information in today’s internet culture. Viral posts spread on social networks like wildfire and most of these are factual with credible sources. Internet readers then recognise the existence of facts all over the world, and it infuriates them to know about negative aspects of life in the world, their powerlessness to act against it, and the consequences of a possible action.

Information is relevant even if it is just a small thing. Let’s imagine that you were just dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend. Knowing your significant other is also in pain, you also wallow in your own loss. However, when you begin to know that he or she is already happy with someone else, this small bit of information can send you in emotional bouts with yourself.

Today’s world has grown cynical with the realities presented to them. Researchers are accurately measuring poverty, food shortage, wars, gender violence and other kinds of problems existing in the world. However, they feel that they are powerless to act except to create demonstrations to have their voice heard. But still, nothing can be done. If anybody tried to usurp the existing social order, a heavy price to pay is needed before the world is rebuilt, and again, the same problem can exist.

Living in the information age is receiving information that we want and do not want to know about. When we realise that the world is not as it was cracked up to be, chances are we become cynical and lose the will to continue further, because we think we are powerless.

Today’s society is equivalent to knowing so much, but no one to tell a secret to because you cannot trust anyone.

July 11, 2014

How the Middle Eastern Conflicts Show the True Nature of Humanity

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We are humans. We have dreams. More than survival, we want something more to life, and that is fulfilment. However, when we fail to achieve our fulfilments even with the best of our efforts, we become cynical. This is when people turn to society, religion and philosophy for guidance.

In the Middle East, sectarian divisions practice different versions of religions, and each hold a different value system from one another. The desire to help each other, and the idea of belongingness, helps soften the reality of failures, and allow them to move in a collective manner towards a single goal. In religion this is common, and true human nature shows the extremes one could go for one’s dream.

Israel’s recent losses with three teenagers mercilessly kidnapped and killed, had accused Hamas and Gaza of committing such heinous acts. Without much evidence to clarify the situation, Israel’s military had begun operations against the militant group, claiming more lives in the process.

Revenge can be a dream, but it shows the true nature of humanity and his or her passion in fulfilling a goal that will satisfy their current situation. It shows that humanity is eternally in conflict with one another. In contrast, it also shows the biggest opportunity for love and acceptance from both sides.

But the world, becoming cynical and accepting the fact that dreams cannot be realised and only survival, belongingness and a collective goal is the only way, forgets about these noble values and instead, turns against his or her brother or sister. The raw reaction in the Middle East proves this. The rest of the world denies that they are likely to be like the Middle East by doing the same thing, but in secret and with transparent words.

January 3, 2014

Bitcoin As a Form of Protest

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Digital currency bitcoin and the newborn dogecoin had gained mainstream appeal that the two currencies have had several massive hack-and-steal crimes from anonymous users. Bitcoin, slightly lowering in value this 2014, had shown great potential to become the world’s first official internet currency.

According to its official description, bitcoin bypassed traditional bank procedures. Bitcoin’s security lay in its transaction encryption, which only the two parties involved in payment could view securely. While it has its own disadvantages, bitcoin is indeed the currency of the free man.

More than 11,000 bitcoins are circulating in the world today. Governments fear the coins because it can uproot traditional banking systems. Currencies only have value if people believe in their value. When people interest in their currencies and they decide to use bitcoin, these financial systems will become obsolete.

Bitcoin can become a form of protest against the current fiscal systems. It can eventually bring down banking systems that served only the elite of society. It could also limit governments’ surveillance upon the riches and properties of people as the gold rush gave them power to do so.

If people wanted to increase the value of bitcoin, it can. Bitcoin could unify the strength of people to protest against the fiscal slavery it currently suffers.

August 26, 2013

Why I Would Like to Disagree With Lord Blair

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Blair might certainly have a point that a state secret allows countries to protect themselves against outside forces. But to improve law to protect “national secrets” does not sit well with me. What they did to David Miranda does not sit well with me either. I’d like to disagree with Lord Blair; the people need to know what their governments are doing because we’re paying them to do their job.

The NSA-GCHQ surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden increased the issue of increased illegal surveillance by both organisations, who cross reference databases that allow them to search for potential criminals. However, this certainly downplays an individual’s privacy, which, according to international law, is a right of any individual.

There is a point about the media revealing the government’s operations; potential criminals and organised crime syndicates could make use of the processes to bend things to their will. If they do not know about the process, it also helps defend the country against them. However, sooner or later these processes would be revealed.

The more the people know, the more the people could defend themselves. If we knew about the surveillance programs in the different countries in the world, people would automatically hide their personal information and if possible, they could facilitate the capture of potential suspects by exposing them instead of using surveillance.

Privacy is one thing, but public offices are what the first adjective says. They are public, and publicly-owned, I want to know where my investments progress.

August 6, 2013

Internet Pornography and The United Kingdom

Today’s biggest issue is the UK’s prime minister David Cameron asking the entire world to cooperate in filtering smut from UK homes. Internet service providers will ask their clients if they would like to install pornography filters in their own homes. Aside from the increased revenue decrease for many porn industry entrepreneurs, this could also mean a censorship on all things expression.

Let’s face it; pornography is part of a human’s daily life, including children. Aside from illegal child pornography, which is immoral in itself, children will continue to look for such media, both boys and girls alike. When their superiors and parents make it a big issue by hiding it or restricting access to it, the more the children’s curiosities are piqued.

The only way to dampen a child’s curiosity is to show to them what the fuss about pornography is all about. It might seem awkward, especially for children reaching the age of puberty and teens, but if children are taught young that sex is a human cycle and they could only have access to it at the right age, then they’d understand it isn’t anything special.

What religion and society actually made of pornography is improve it. Because religion especially indicates sexual desires as something bad and human nature in itself, the curiosities of people continue to rattle as something “evil”. When one has an understanding of what “evil” is and why it isn’t as stereotypically evil as portrayed, then children, and people will not need filters for any personal expression.

July 4, 2013

Did Edward Snowden Really Misuse The Internet?

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For all I know, the Internet is something that allowed me to come in contact with people I’ve longed to share ideas and ideals and knowing more of the world outside my own country. Everyone posts information about themselves in the world wide web. However, when you post information about government activities, you could go to jail.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon personally condemned the NSA and GCHQ whistleblower for misusing the information highway to leak information about the US government’s confidential information and he had abused his position as a contractor. Moon also condemned him for creating problems that “outweight the benefits of public disclosure”

Outweigh, now that’s a word that’s useful in expressing the data leak can cause public unrest.

Moon responded to a request of elaboration by saying that information access could contribute to the greater good, but it could create damages as well.

This reply is quite troublesome. Does Ban Ki Moon mean that the truth actually hurts when the world knows of it?

Putting things into perspective, the former NSA contractor leaked the information at the time when the G8 Summit was held and the countries, including Russia and China, were to discuss the fate of Syria. Snowden said that the operations were to allow the countries to gain a 1-up on the situation.

So much for our surveillance, here comes Big Brother.

If this is digital misuse on part of Snowden, what is the NSA doing? If people do not have the right to privacy, then the core of democracy is actually lost as individuality and corporations could be controlled at will.

I for one do not believe Snowden misused the Internet. I actually think he did the right thing of informing people about what their governments are doing to them and other countries. The truth hurts and has some irreparable consequences, but everyone deserves to know and handle them as well.

January 24, 2013

Damini’s Death And False Equal Rights in India

Damini, the name of the protesters for the 23 year old rape victim whose real name is withheld, recently died in Singapore after being aided for more than three weeks after she was gang raped and brutally battered by four men. The suspects, including two suspected accomplices including a minor and the bus driver in whose bus the crime happened, are now refused defense by the Saket Bar Association of India, deeming the case to be inhuman and emotional attachment may make the defense ineffective.

The world had a sense that India has moved on from its raw, primitive, paternal society into a more liberal world where both sexes’ rights are respected but after the incident, it revealed more troublesome issues for women inside India. In 2012 alone, around 600 reported cases of rape were recorded by authorities. Now think about the unreported ones and how many could they be.

The reason why women in India do not report the sexual assaults done against them is because authorities such as the police and policymakers do not do anything about it. It is recorded and then not given attention. Sometimes, the police themselves are the ones committing the lascivious acts themselves against the women.

The death of Damini and the suicide of a 17 year old girl who were raped by three men during the Diwali Festival are not the only ones that should be given justice in India. It is truly heartbreaking to see lives shattered just to satisfy the animal cravings of people who are driven only by their own satisfaction.