November 24, 2015

Putin In Iran To Hold Talks Regarding Syria

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In Tehran, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Syrians must decide their future for themselves. He said this talking among Iranian leaders focused on ending the Syrian crisis while implementing an international peace plan to end the four-year civil war that had displaced 3 million Syrians and left millions of men, women and children dead.

“No one from the outside can and should enforce models of government on the Syrian people and determine who should be in charge,” Putin said. “Only the Syrian people should decide that. There is no other way to reach a long-term settlement of the Syrian problem except through political talks.”

The Russian-Syrian Relation

Consistently, Russia has vetoed all attempts of the UN to put boots on the ground or provide military supplies to the Syrian rebellion against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The UN believes Russia’s close ties to Syrian President Assad has the country shield the Syrian Regime’s actions

According to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the UN and the United States intend to achieve diplomacy by using military means in Syria. He stressed that Iran and Russia must prevent the violence from escalating through wisdom and interaction.

The United States, France and other countries are talking about possible joint action against the Islamic State after the attacks on Paris and the destruction of a Russian jet in Egypt.

September 25, 2015

Saudi Government Criticised By Iran and Other Islamic Nations Over Tragedy

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The death of 717 pilgrims travelling from different parts of the world to Mecca was due to the mismanagement of the Saudi government according to rival Iran. Iran’s Supreme National Security council urged other Islamic countries to lodge protests against the Saudi government’s irresponsibility. It is the biggest Mecca tragedy in Saudi Arabia over 25 years.

Meanwhile, Saudi King Salman urged a review of the Pilgrimage’s safety procedures to shed light on the issue.

About two million pilgrims about to take part in throwing seven stones at the Jamarat. The stones were to thwart Satan where Prophet Ibrahim was tempted. The two converging lines intersected with each other, creating a stampede at the 46 degree Celsius weather in the Jamarat Bridge in Mina.

Meanwhile, 109 people died two weeks earlier when a crane at the Grand Mosque in Mecca collapsed.

Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saudi’s irresponsibility is what caused the catastrophe. It had declared three days of national mourning. Protesters against Saudi Arabia marched in Tehran mentioning the recklessness and mismanagement of the al-Saud family of Saudi Arabia.

Majority of pilgrims who died were from Iran with 131.Casualties from India were 14. Other countries including Indonesia and Nigeria had 3 and 2 dead respectively.

April 27, 2015

Injury Claim Premiums Rising; Government Still At Work

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Despite the falling number of car accidents and road-related injuries in the past few years, personal injury claims are still rising. The costs of insurance premiums have risen because of exaggerated and fraudulent claims. About 8 in 10 drivers are making injury claims for injuries. Because the injury is self-reported and requires no medical evidence, the insurance industry is actually losing more than £2 billion yearly for a typical insurance policy.

Prime Minister David Cameron has met with several insurers and stakeholders of the industry and have announced government support and help in bringing down the rising premiums of the market. The new measures might include tackling questionable medical evidence and challenging insurance companies to challenge seemingly-fraudulent cases.

The members of Parliament have reported that a 70% rise in motor injury claims in the past six years while having a drop of 23% in car accidents is not proportional and there is “something wrong” with the insurance system that is leading to inflated premiums and losses.

The government plans to ban referral fees that insurance companies, lawyers and claims management companies charge each other for passing the information around. The £1200 lawyer’s fee for small value personal injury claims would also be reduced.

The group of insurers are proposing that UK be under a similar measure from Germany, where a car traveling at 10km/h is the threshold for a valid injury compensation claim, two medical check-ups will be required and having a pool of individual experts who can examine the claims and give recommendations.

March 23, 2015

UK Home Secretary Promises UK Will Not Tolerate Extremists

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UK Home Secretary Theresa May said “Islamist extremism is the most serious and widespread form of extremism.” She added that Islamist extremists who reject the value of the United Kingdom will no longer be tolerated.

May also indicated a partnership of individuals and communities that would help tackle the issue. She said that everyone in the United Kingdom had responsibilities and rights and has to respect the laws and institutions.

After May’s election, Theresa May intends to implement the following:

  • “banning orders” for groups which do not reach the current threshold to be banned as extremists
  • civil “extremism disruption orders” to be used against individuals
  • “closure orders” to shut down premises owned or used by extremists
  • a “positive campaign to promote British values” to the public
  • a review of supplementary schools, which are currently unregulated, to “protect children from extremists”
  • HM Inspectorate of Constabulary reviewing how police forces have responded to “honour crimes”, female genital mutilation and forced marriage
  • new “extremism officer” roles in prisons to deal with extremist inmates and gangs
  • a “full review of citizenship law” to make sure successful applicants respect British values
  • a “sharp reduction” in funding for translation services and a “significant increase” in money for English language training

She had also raised concerns about the “Trojan Horse” Plot in Birmingham, which involved UK extremist “sleeper” agents may take part.

Theresa May made it clear that he UK government intends to defeat extremism in all forms and deems from evidence that it is  “obvious from the evidence that the most serious and widespread form of extremism we need to confront is Islamist extremism”.

June 12, 2014

It is Obvious What North Korea Really Is

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If you strip your individual countrymen of their own personal will and intentionally give them a blind will as proposed by the government and the state, then you are treading over their human rights. Besides this, physical and mental abuses that your countrymen do not realize you are committing are also grave human rights violations. We all know all this is present in North Korea.

I bring this issue up again because of the news that the North Korean government is threatening to attack Seoul because it had hosted a UN Field Office to deal with North Korea’s human rights violations. Indeed, the UN and the world governments know why North Korea is acting ill-willed against South Korea; they have some secrets they need to hide.

The truth is, nobody really knows what is going on in there. Despite visits from foreign media, dignitaries and personalities (such as Dennis Rodman), North Korea obviously only plays for its higher-ups than providing the necessary public service their country needs.

The UN had accused North Korea of systemic, widespread and grave violations of Human Rights. That is indeed, true. Despite me not knowing much about North Korea, it only takes one man in power and a blind nation to see that the country is committing human rights violations against its people.

March 6, 2014

Ukraine Revolt Is a Fight for Human Rights

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I’ve been following the news on the Ukraine revolt that happened in Russia. What started as a contradictory protest against Ukraine’s signing off the deal with the European Union and going for the option provided by Russia. According to ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, the deal was made because Ukraine could not afford its deal with the European Union, yet Russia had agreed to provide financial support for Ukraine.

This dissatisfaction began the protests against the government for ‘enslaving’ itself to the terms of Russia and for bringing up ties of ex-Soviet era alliances. However, Russia claims that the revolt was a plan to overthrow the current constitution and it succeeded in removing Viktor Yanukovych from office.

Some journalists and protesters said that the protests, which had claimed dozens of lives and destroyed billions of dollars in properties, were for their human rights and correcting the attitude of their current government. Protesters said riot police were intolerant against protesters. Journalists had even found the plans of Yanukovych to kill some protesters with sniper fire in Maidan/Independence Square in Russia.

Currently, the United States is accusing of Russia for inserting military forces in Crimea, which is a part of Ukraine. Unidentified gunmen had raised Russian flags in captured government buildings and military bases.

Let’s stay tuned about the developments, notably about how Human Rights Groups and other activists react to the latest developments in Ukraine.



August 26, 2013

Why I Would Like to Disagree With Lord Blair

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Blair might certainly have a point that a state secret allows countries to protect themselves against outside forces. But to improve law to protect “national secrets” does not sit well with me. What they did to David Miranda does not sit well with me either. I’d like to disagree with Lord Blair; the people need to know what their governments are doing because we’re paying them to do their job.

The NSA-GCHQ surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden increased the issue of increased illegal surveillance by both organisations, who cross reference databases that allow them to search for potential criminals. However, this certainly downplays an individual’s privacy, which, according to international law, is a right of any individual.

There is a point about the media revealing the government’s operations; potential criminals and organised crime syndicates could make use of the processes to bend things to their will. If they do not know about the process, it also helps defend the country against them. However, sooner or later these processes would be revealed.

The more the people know, the more the people could defend themselves. If we knew about the surveillance programs in the different countries in the world, people would automatically hide their personal information and if possible, they could facilitate the capture of potential suspects by exposing them instead of using surveillance.

Privacy is one thing, but public offices are what the first adjective says. They are public, and publicly-owned, I want to know where my investments progress.

July 4, 2013

Did Edward Snowden Really Misuse The Internet?

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For all I know, the Internet is something that allowed me to come in contact with people I’ve longed to share ideas and ideals and knowing more of the world outside my own country. Everyone posts information about themselves in the world wide web. However, when you post information about government activities, you could go to jail.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon personally condemned the NSA and GCHQ whistleblower for misusing the information highway to leak information about the US government’s confidential information and he had abused his position as a contractor. Moon also condemned him for creating problems that “outweight the benefits of public disclosure”

Outweigh, now that’s a word that’s useful in expressing the data leak can cause public unrest.

Moon responded to a request of elaboration by saying that information access could contribute to the greater good, but it could create damages as well.

This reply is quite troublesome. Does Ban Ki Moon mean that the truth actually hurts when the world knows of it?

Putting things into perspective, the former NSA contractor leaked the information at the time when the G8 Summit was held and the countries, including Russia and China, were to discuss the fate of Syria. Snowden said that the operations were to allow the countries to gain a 1-up on the situation.

So much for our surveillance, here comes Big Brother.

If this is digital misuse on part of Snowden, what is the NSA doing? If people do not have the right to privacy, then the core of democracy is actually lost as individuality and corporations could be controlled at will.

I for one do not believe Snowden misused the Internet. I actually think he did the right thing of informing people about what their governments are doing to them and other countries. The truth hurts and has some irreparable consequences, but everyone deserves to know and handle them as well.

May 16, 2013

Modern Slavery and How “Big Bodies” Control You

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Every day, you go to work. You wake up early, set up breakfast for your children (if you’re a mom), you do the groceries, pay your bills, taxes and save up for some of the things you want. Most of the things you purchase on a daily basis go on credit. Most western country citizens have 30% of their income going to their mortgage, financing for a new car, etc.

All these things are things we need. I myself have mortgage to pay for my own house and my car. I pay at least 15% of my monthly income. However, this is how subtle slavery actually works in the world today.

Modern media proclaims that only a person with a stable job, a good house and a family that could grow with good education is the “model family”. With good family values, a family stays together through tough times. However, having a family ties you with different commitments. While familial obligations are not objectionable, the financial side of the problem makes you a profitable resource for your country, namely the corporations that rule in your country.

Banks offer you financial products to finance the things you need. You get tied on credit being enticed by beautiful and expensive appliances, vehicles and houses. Corporations amass great riches that sometimes influence government decisions that favour certain industries. In the end, where does it leave the common citizen?

“Big bodies” control you by introducing you to things that you don’t need. They’ve used the moral code of every human being to build capital and business. Anything that is immoral is a potential threat to this system and if everyone turns immoral, their system will break down.

However, this is modern slavery. Even if you think you are in control, you are only having an illusion of control.

January 24, 2013

Damini’s Death And False Equal Rights in India

Damini, the name of the protesters for the 23 year old rape victim whose real name is withheld, recently died in Singapore after being aided for more than three weeks after she was gang raped and brutally battered by four men. The suspects, including two suspected accomplices including a minor and the bus driver in whose bus the crime happened, are now refused defense by the Saket Bar Association of India, deeming the case to be inhuman and emotional attachment may make the defense ineffective.

The world had a sense that India has moved on from its raw, primitive, paternal society into a more liberal world where both sexes’ rights are respected but after the incident, it revealed more troublesome issues for women inside India. In 2012 alone, around 600 reported cases of rape were recorded by authorities. Now think about the unreported ones and how many could they be.

The reason why women in India do not report the sexual assaults done against them is because authorities such as the police and policymakers do not do anything about it. It is recorded and then not given attention. Sometimes, the police themselves are the ones committing the lascivious acts themselves against the women.

The death of Damini and the suicide of a 17 year old girl who were raped by three men during the Diwali Festival are not the only ones that should be given justice in India. It is truly heartbreaking to see lives shattered just to satisfy the animal cravings of people who are driven only by their own satisfaction.