October 15, 2014

I Am Appalled at the Killing of This Trangender Woman in the Philippines

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It seems that still, some Americans do not respect the LGBT community, not for their gender, but for their humanity.

Jeffrey Laude, a Transgender Filipino Female, died at the hands of a US Marine who met her at a local bar in the Philippines. The suspect’s ship, the USS Peleliu, remains halted and stationed in Philippine waters as US and Philippine authorities investigate the crime.

The suspect’s identity is still unknown because no formal charges exist as of yet.

Hotel authorities said that Laude, 26 years old, was dead inside a hotel in Olongapo City, at the southern part of the country’s Luzon continent. The Transgender female’s head may have been pushed into the toilet several times. Investigators also found two used condoms in the trash bin.

It is heartbreaking to note that Laude died less than an hour after she checked in with a male foreigner.

I only know of one thing that could fuel such rancour against the third gender. It is possibly this certain American has hatred for the community. Or, given the lacking discerning capabilities of us Westerners to spot “real women” and “transgenders” in Asian countries, he may have discovered he was male and was surprised.

Regardless the motive, I am appalled by the killing of a transgender woman. Every person has the right to express him or herself and be free from all condemnation.


May 14, 2014

Female Genital Mutilation: Why Culture is Never Correct in All Cases

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When the Africans first arrived in the United States, they were bound in chains and treated as if they were cattle or a new house. Their natural color became the basis of racism and discrimination among them, with extreme patriotism and exceptionalism becoming more and more apparent during the era. Even if it became a part of American culture, it was swept away in the name of change and progress.

Female genital mutilation is part of the culture of South Africa, and if the American oppressors can change culture to give them hospitality and treat them as human, South African cultural figureheads should also be able to do the same things.

FGM is common with most tribes. This involves sealing up just the woman’s clitoris, or it extends only to expose the urethra through a small hole, where menstruation could also pass through. The tribes “reopen” the woman’s genitals when she becomes married to her husband. The pain and suffering these women have suffered in the name of culture could not be repaid by anything.

There is a high risk of infection and permanent damage to a woman’s genitals once they are sealed, and then re-opened. It may also cause psychological and emotional trauma, namely insecurity, pain, infections, incontinence and difficulty or possible death during childbearing and childbirth.

They say fashion is sacrificing one’s comfort to belong in a culture, but sacrificing one’s safety in the name of culture is never a better way of life. FGM must stop, and culture must adjust to respect the rights of women, as with all individuals.

February 4, 2014

With All Due Respect to Traditional Families in France

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It seems that ‘first come, first served’ is the culture in France aside from its magnificent art. I’ve read this article regarding conservative protesters who are against gay-friendly reforms because it could harm traditional families. I don’t like it one bit because I always knew France to welcome the freedom of expression more than the US could.

College students and young professionals participating in the protests is what actually surprised me. I would understand conservative and traditional families, but I know that most of these college students and young professionals have seen third-gender discrimination in their respective campuses and workplaces. There is probably something more than just the contradiction against the third-gender’s social rights in the country, particularly IVF and surrogate motherhoods, which would benefit third-gender couples.

Doing some research, I found out that the entire country is opposed against Socialist President Francois Hollande, who had become unpopular with a great many in the French population because of the ineffectiveness of his platform. He succumbed to conservative reforms and had cancelled the new family laws slated to be implemented in 2014.

Everyone has their right to have their say. I read that some of the protesters, who are part of the Catholic and Muslim faith, said that they had the freedom to express themselves as well.

Truthfully, I myself find the French government politically weak in implementing its system. If Hollande easily crumpled under intense pressure, his government could not implement further laws for its platform.

But, to all traditional families in France, you make it sound like gay people are insane and are a disease. Even so, they are reserved the right to have children, even though modern technologies. They are also human, they deserve the things you also have, and with it their own beliefs and rights.

December 18, 2013

The Hip in Today’s Culture: Independence and Knowledge

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Observing the young students, graduates and professionals of 2013, the world has clearly spun around quite long enough for those who lived in the older generations to make keen observations. The mainstream culture in the younger society changes fast as trends in businesses change accordingly as well. While it was discussed what is normal in today’s society, this will talk about what’s hip in today’s culture.

Hooking up and picking up women and expanding their networks is what a young male does for entertainment and for social interaction. In the western hemisphere of the world, sex and personal independence is crucial for a young male to prosper in his professional life.

For a female, it is almost the same. Except that during the earlier generations, women liked to be courted. Today, many females also court males that they desire.

Based on these observations, it is keen to say that independence plays a great role in the western world. Some Southeast Asian countries may adopt this system as well, but some still retain their traditions, especially in more religious countries.

You’re hip if you have a creative outlet, could dance and talk very well, have good grammar and are knowledgeable about fixing computers or certain devices. Geeks have reached the mainstream and those who were once outcasts are now the most hip people.

Hip contributed in the shunning of unintelligence and mere bravado. With great highways of information, people could research and become knowledgeable in anything they could possibly want.

November 21, 2013

What is Considered Normal In Today’s Society

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Normal means that an individual or an event is socially accepted as part of an event that could happen at regular intervals. To be normal in today’s society means to be part of society. In the 21st century, an individual is considered normal if he or she has or is still having formal education, knows usage of modern technology, earns an average wage and will likely have insurances and other future investments under their wing.

To be normal in today’s society is different a century back. In the past, you were considered a nerd if you worked on technology or programming, or if you had any knowledge in using the Internet. To be a normal young man or woman, you must be engaged in sport, you have average grades in class, you have a group of friends and you hang out regularly one day or night during a week.

Normal before also means dressing to impress regularly is not every day but only in a specific day of the week. Of course fashion varies depending on the year or era, but today’s fashion statements are quite more liberal than in the previous years.

Normality and the acceptance of society for such norms are measuring tools to show the way society is thinking at the current time. At this age, information and knowledge is crucial to becoming normal. It is normal to be too knowledgeable and intelligent in many things, and this is possibly a good thing.

September 17, 2013

Putin Against LGBTs. What’s New?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin really needs a great kick in the balls. Proposing a bill that limits the spread of information about LGBTs and welcoming one’s chosen identity in preservation of “traditional Russian values” is never a good excuse to arrest several gays and lesbians just because you hate them.

The Russian government had been greatly notorious when it comes to treating demonstrations and had made notable arrests in pride marches and demonstrations. There’s really nothing new about this new law.

However, this is counter-productive for Russia; even if the country’s economy is strong and its people are hailed the least emotional of all in the world. Today the country stands with pride and has a great standing in the world, but once it falls, all these laws and all the harassing risks the Russian government took will take its toll in the future.

What the Russian government fails to see is that the LGBTs are similar to blacks, who were thought by the former elite to be a bane to humanity but today are accepted as part of society in equal standing with all colors and sexes. This is the same with effeminate men and manly women; they are not banes to humanity.

They should never be arrested because it is never a crime to be one’s self, even in defiance of Russian tradition, or any kind of tradition in the world.

August 6, 2013

Internet Pornography and The United Kingdom

Today’s biggest issue is the UK’s prime minister David Cameron asking the entire world to cooperate in filtering smut from UK homes. Internet service providers will ask their clients if they would like to install pornography filters in their own homes. Aside from the increased revenue decrease for many porn industry entrepreneurs, this could also mean a censorship on all things expression.

Let’s face it; pornography is part of a human’s daily life, including children. Aside from illegal child pornography, which is immoral in itself, children will continue to look for such media, both boys and girls alike. When their superiors and parents make it a big issue by hiding it or restricting access to it, the more the children’s curiosities are piqued.

The only way to dampen a child’s curiosity is to show to them what the fuss about pornography is all about. It might seem awkward, especially for children reaching the age of puberty and teens, but if children are taught young that sex is a human cycle and they could only have access to it at the right age, then they’d understand it isn’t anything special.

What religion and society actually made of pornography is improve it. Because religion especially indicates sexual desires as something bad and human nature in itself, the curiosities of people continue to rattle as something “evil”. When one has an understanding of what “evil” is and why it isn’t as stereotypically evil as portrayed, then children, and people will not need filters for any personal expression.

May 16, 2013

Modern Slavery and How “Big Bodies” Control You

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Every day, you go to work. You wake up early, set up breakfast for your children (if you’re a mom), you do the groceries, pay your bills, taxes and save up for some of the things you want. Most of the things you purchase on a daily basis go on credit. Most western country citizens have 30% of their income going to their mortgage, financing for a new car, etc.

All these things are things we need. I myself have mortgage to pay for my own house and my car. I pay at least 15% of my monthly income. However, this is how subtle slavery actually works in the world today.

Modern media proclaims that only a person with a stable job, a good house and a family that could grow with good education is the “model family”. With good family values, a family stays together through tough times. However, having a family ties you with different commitments. While familial obligations are not objectionable, the financial side of the problem makes you a profitable resource for your country, namely the corporations that rule in your country.

Banks offer you financial products to finance the things you need. You get tied on credit being enticed by beautiful and expensive appliances, vehicles and houses. Corporations amass great riches that sometimes influence government decisions that favour certain industries. In the end, where does it leave the common citizen?

“Big bodies” control you by introducing you to things that you don’t need. They’ve used the moral code of every human being to build capital and business. Anything that is immoral is a potential threat to this system and if everyone turns immoral, their system will break down.

However, this is modern slavery. Even if you think you are in control, you are only having an illusion of control.

January 24, 2013

Damini’s Death And False Equal Rights in India

Damini, the name of the protesters for the 23 year old rape victim whose real name is withheld, recently died in Singapore after being aided for more than three weeks after she was gang raped and brutally battered by four men. The suspects, including two suspected accomplices including a minor and the bus driver in whose bus the crime happened, are now refused defense by the Saket Bar Association of India, deeming the case to be inhuman and emotional attachment may make the defense ineffective.

The world had a sense that India has moved on from its raw, primitive, paternal society into a more liberal world where both sexes’ rights are respected but after the incident, it revealed more troublesome issues for women inside India. In 2012 alone, around 600 reported cases of rape were recorded by authorities. Now think about the unreported ones and how many could they be.

The reason why women in India do not report the sexual assaults done against them is because authorities such as the police and policymakers do not do anything about it. It is recorded and then not given attention. Sometimes, the police themselves are the ones committing the lascivious acts themselves against the women.

The death of Damini and the suicide of a 17 year old girl who were raped by three men during the Diwali Festival are not the only ones that should be given justice in India. It is truly heartbreaking to see lives shattered just to satisfy the animal cravings of people who are driven only by their own satisfaction.

December 4, 2012

Music Artists and The Internet: Did Musicians Ever Have a Problem?

Many record-label signed musicians, artists and bands have continuously pulled out of their contracts nowadays because of the Internet. Many musicians state that the Internet was a way to kill the music industry, but on the contrary, much more musicians stated that the Internet was a great tool for delivering their music easier and faster to people. The Internet was well known for being a tool of piracy, but then, new methods made it easier for independent musicians to make their name and existing musicians to earn the profit better for themselves.

As a global community, websites that help artists and musicians coordinate with their fans to form events and produce albums have allowed the artist to earn more money and have a “fan-supported” event without the other sponsors, without the approval of record-label managers and supported entirely by the donations and fund-raising of the fans.

In reality, the music industry in the last few decades were dictated by the higher-ups. Record labels stated what music should their musicians do. They set standards in terms of audio quality, album production, images and other details that ensure the musician appeared the “standard” of music. Independent musicians have complete control over their music and the Internet became a way for them to spread the music.

Did musicians ever have a problem with the Internet? All the news we see and read are only about record labels and associations complaining about profits falling and divided twice or even ten times the recent decades because of piracy. As any musician and artist stated, the Internet is slowly changing the consumer culture from an industry-standard one into something that is more near and closer to the heart and preferences of the musicians and their fans.

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