March 1, 2013

Handling Accident Claims: The First Few Steps

If you had an accident wherein the carelessness of another party brought you a disaster, you have the right to file for a compensation claim. Regardless whether it is a car, road or work accident, you are due compensation for any damages. Here are the first few steps in making a successful claim for compensation.

1. Report
Have your dilemma reported to authorities within 24 hours from your accident. The police and road authorities mostly record car and road traffic-related accidents. Your company’s human resources department or building administration usually handles your claim’s accident report. Have each of these parties record your incident so that you could make an effective claim.

2. Evidences
In a car accident claim, you will need at least two medical opinions to verify your injuries. The UK car insurance claims guidelines have become far more strict due to the increase of fraudulent claims in the country. In workplace accident claims, your company medical department may first survey you before you are sent to a medical professional who could provide you check-up.

3. Claiming
Car accident claimants need to have their claims reviewed by legal professionals, who could then prescribe you the best action to take with your claim. Avoid claiming to the insurance company directly; they may offer you a lump-sum that may not be enough for your injuries. For workplace accidents, your HR departments would be the ones to provide you your compensation.