August 14, 2014

People Are Hostile Because of the Information We Receive

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Nobody is foreign to the idea of viral information in today’s internet culture. Viral posts spread on social networks like wildfire and most of these are factual with credible sources. Internet readers then recognise the existence of facts all over the world, and it infuriates them to know about negative aspects of life in the world, their powerlessness to act against it, and the consequences of a possible action.

Information is relevant even if it is just a small thing. Let’s imagine that you were just dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend. Knowing your significant other is also in pain, you also wallow in your own loss. However, when you begin to know that he or she is already happy with someone else, this small bit of information can send you in emotional bouts with yourself.

Today’s world has grown cynical with the realities presented to them. Researchers are accurately measuring poverty, food shortage, wars, gender violence and other kinds of problems existing in the world. However, they feel that they are powerless to act except to create demonstrations to have their voice heard. But still, nothing can be done. If anybody tried to usurp the existing social order, a heavy price to pay is needed before the world is rebuilt, and again, the same problem can exist.

Living in the information age is receiving information that we want and do not want to know about. When we realise that the world is not as it was cracked up to be, chances are we become cynical and lose the will to continue further, because we think we are powerless.

Today’s society is equivalent to knowing so much, but no one to tell a secret to because you cannot trust anyone.

July 11, 2014

How the Middle Eastern Conflicts Show the True Nature of Humanity

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We are humans. We have dreams. More than survival, we want something more to life, and that is fulfilment. However, when we fail to achieve our fulfilments even with the best of our efforts, we become cynical. This is when people turn to society, religion and philosophy for guidance.

In the Middle East, sectarian divisions practice different versions of religions, and each hold a different value system from one another. The desire to help each other, and the idea of belongingness, helps soften the reality of failures, and allow them to move in a collective manner towards a single goal. In religion this is common, and true human nature shows the extremes one could go for one’s dream.

Israel’s recent losses with three teenagers mercilessly kidnapped and killed, had accused Hamas and Gaza of committing such heinous acts. Without much evidence to clarify the situation, Israel’s military had begun operations against the militant group, claiming more lives in the process.

Revenge can be a dream, but it shows the true nature of humanity and his or her passion in fulfilling a goal that will satisfy their current situation. It shows that humanity is eternally in conflict with one another. In contrast, it also shows the biggest opportunity for love and acceptance from both sides.

But the world, becoming cynical and accepting the fact that dreams cannot be realised and only survival, belongingness and a collective goal is the only way, forgets about these noble values and instead, turns against his or her brother or sister. The raw reaction in the Middle East proves this. The rest of the world denies that they are likely to be like the Middle East by doing the same thing, but in secret and with transparent words.

June 12, 2014

It is Obvious What North Korea Really Is

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If you strip your individual countrymen of their own personal will and intentionally give them a blind will as proposed by the government and the state, then you are treading over their human rights. Besides this, physical and mental abuses that your countrymen do not realize you are committing are also grave human rights violations. We all know all this is present in North Korea.

I bring this issue up again because of the news that the North Korean government is threatening to attack Seoul because it had hosted a UN Field Office to deal with North Korea’s human rights violations. Indeed, the UN and the world governments know why North Korea is acting ill-willed against South Korea; they have some secrets they need to hide.

The truth is, nobody really knows what is going on in there. Despite visits from foreign media, dignitaries and personalities (such as Dennis Rodman), North Korea obviously only plays for its higher-ups than providing the necessary public service their country needs.

The UN had accused North Korea of systemic, widespread and grave violations of Human Rights. That is indeed, true. Despite me not knowing much about North Korea, it only takes one man in power and a blind nation to see that the country is committing human rights violations against its people.

May 14, 2014

Female Genital Mutilation: Why Culture is Never Correct in All Cases

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When the Africans first arrived in the United States, they were bound in chains and treated as if they were cattle or a new house. Their natural color became the basis of racism and discrimination among them, with extreme patriotism and exceptionalism becoming more and more apparent during the era. Even if it became a part of American culture, it was swept away in the name of change and progress.

Female genital mutilation is part of the culture of South Africa, and if the American oppressors can change culture to give them hospitality and treat them as human, South African cultural figureheads should also be able to do the same things.

FGM is common with most tribes. This involves sealing up just the woman’s clitoris, or it extends only to expose the urethra through a small hole, where menstruation could also pass through. The tribes “reopen” the woman’s genitals when she becomes married to her husband. The pain and suffering these women have suffered in the name of culture could not be repaid by anything.

There is a high risk of infection and permanent damage to a woman’s genitals once they are sealed, and then re-opened. It may also cause psychological and emotional trauma, namely insecurity, pain, infections, incontinence and difficulty or possible death during childbearing and childbirth.

They say fashion is sacrificing one’s comfort to belong in a culture, but sacrificing one’s safety in the name of culture is never a better way of life. FGM must stop, and culture must adjust to respect the rights of women, as with all individuals.

April 4, 2014

Claims Management Companies Earned £5 Billion from PPI Claims

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Consumer rights charity group Citizens Advice said that claims management companies or CMCs earned a total of £5 billion in 2013 persuading consumers to allow them to make a PPI claim on their behalf. According to the group’s research, more than 28% of people who used a PPI CMC did not know how to make a PPI claim or they did not know what PPI was in the first place.

Citizens Advice blamed the failure of banks to call on consumers who may possibly be mis sold PPI. According to ex-Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney, banks have “dragged their feet”, allowing CMCs to take the position on calling upon consumers possibly mis sold a payment protection insurance policy.

The Financial Ombudsman said that consumers could make a PPI claim without the help of claims management companies, yet some consumers thought that CMCs were representatives from the Ministry of Justice tasked to find consumers mis sold the financial product.

Many consumers also found more trouble working with rogue PPI claims management companies. Some consumers complained their CMCs charged up-front fees despite signing a contingency fee (no win no fee) contract. Consumers also mentioned some CMCs did not clarify the fee structure of their services.

The Ministry of Justice had recently depopulated CMCs by revoking the license numbers of 200 rouge claims accused of cold calls, illicit text messages and unsatisfactory services.

March 6, 2014

Ukraine Revolt Is a Fight for Human Rights

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I’ve been following the news on the Ukraine revolt that happened in Russia. What started as a contradictory protest against Ukraine’s signing off the deal with the European Union and going for the option provided by Russia. According to ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, the deal was made because Ukraine could not afford its deal with the European Union, yet Russia had agreed to provide financial support for Ukraine.

This dissatisfaction began the protests against the government for ‘enslaving’ itself to the terms of Russia and for bringing up ties of ex-Soviet era alliances. However, Russia claims that the revolt was a plan to overthrow the current constitution and it succeeded in removing Viktor Yanukovych from office.

Some journalists and protesters said that the protests, which had claimed dozens of lives and destroyed billions of dollars in properties, were for their human rights and correcting the attitude of their current government. Protesters said riot police were intolerant against protesters. Journalists had even found the plans of Yanukovych to kill some protesters with sniper fire in Maidan/Independence Square in Russia.

Currently, the United States is accusing of Russia for inserting military forces in Crimea, which is a part of Ukraine. Unidentified gunmen had raised Russian flags in captured government buildings and military bases.

Let’s stay tuned about the developments, notably about how Human Rights Groups and other activists react to the latest developments in Ukraine.



February 4, 2014

With All Due Respect to Traditional Families in France

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It seems that ‘first come, first served’ is the culture in France aside from its magnificent art. I’ve read this article regarding conservative protesters who are against gay-friendly reforms because it could harm traditional families. I don’t like it one bit because I always knew France to welcome the freedom of expression more than the US could.

College students and young professionals participating in the protests is what actually surprised me. I would understand conservative and traditional families, but I know that most of these college students and young professionals have seen third-gender discrimination in their respective campuses and workplaces. There is probably something more than just the contradiction against the third-gender’s social rights in the country, particularly IVF and surrogate motherhoods, which would benefit third-gender couples.

Doing some research, I found out that the entire country is opposed against Socialist President Francois Hollande, who had become unpopular with a great many in the French population because of the ineffectiveness of his platform. He succumbed to conservative reforms and had cancelled the new family laws slated to be implemented in 2014.

Everyone has their right to have their say. I read that some of the protesters, who are part of the Catholic and Muslim faith, said that they had the freedom to express themselves as well.

Truthfully, I myself find the French government politically weak in implementing its system. If Hollande easily crumpled under intense pressure, his government could not implement further laws for its platform.

But, to all traditional families in France, you make it sound like gay people are insane and are a disease. Even so, they are reserved the right to have children, even though modern technologies. They are also human, they deserve the things you also have, and with it their own beliefs and rights.

January 3, 2014

Bitcoin As a Form of Protest

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Digital currency bitcoin and the newborn dogecoin had gained mainstream appeal that the two currencies have had several massive hack-and-steal crimes from anonymous users. Bitcoin, slightly lowering in value this 2014, had shown great potential to become the world’s first official internet currency.

According to its official description, bitcoin bypassed traditional bank procedures. Bitcoin’s security lay in its transaction encryption, which only the two parties involved in payment could view securely. While it has its own disadvantages, bitcoin is indeed the currency of the free man.

More than 11,000 bitcoins are circulating in the world today. Governments fear the coins because it can uproot traditional banking systems. Currencies only have value if people believe in their value. When people interest in their currencies and they decide to use bitcoin, these financial systems will become obsolete.

Bitcoin can become a form of protest against the current fiscal systems. It can eventually bring down banking systems that served only the elite of society. It could also limit governments’ surveillance upon the riches and properties of people as the gold rush gave them power to do so.

If people wanted to increase the value of bitcoin, it can. Bitcoin could unify the strength of people to protest against the fiscal slavery it currently suffers.

December 18, 2013

The Hip in Today’s Culture: Independence and Knowledge

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Observing the young students, graduates and professionals of 2013, the world has clearly spun around quite long enough for those who lived in the older generations to make keen observations. The mainstream culture in the younger society changes fast as trends in businesses change accordingly as well. While it was discussed what is normal in today’s society, this will talk about what’s hip in today’s culture.

Hooking up and picking up women and expanding their networks is what a young male does for entertainment and for social interaction. In the western hemisphere of the world, sex and personal independence is crucial for a young male to prosper in his professional life.

For a female, it is almost the same. Except that during the earlier generations, women liked to be courted. Today, many females also court males that they desire.

Based on these observations, it is keen to say that independence plays a great role in the western world. Some Southeast Asian countries may adopt this system as well, but some still retain their traditions, especially in more religious countries.

You’re hip if you have a creative outlet, could dance and talk very well, have good grammar and are knowledgeable about fixing computers or certain devices. Geeks have reached the mainstream and those who were once outcasts are now the most hip people.

Hip contributed in the shunning of unintelligence and mere bravado. With great highways of information, people could research and become knowledgeable in anything they could possibly want.

November 21, 2013

What is Considered Normal In Today’s Society

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Normal means that an individual or an event is socially accepted as part of an event that could happen at regular intervals. To be normal in today’s society means to be part of society. In the 21st century, an individual is considered normal if he or she has or is still having formal education, knows usage of modern technology, earns an average wage and will likely have insurances and other future investments under their wing.

To be normal in today’s society is different a century back. In the past, you were considered a nerd if you worked on technology or programming, or if you had any knowledge in using the Internet. To be a normal young man or woman, you must be engaged in sport, you have average grades in class, you have a group of friends and you hang out regularly one day or night during a week.

Normal before also means dressing to impress regularly is not every day but only in a specific day of the week. Of course fashion varies depending on the year or era, but today’s fashion statements are quite more liberal than in the previous years.

Normality and the acceptance of society for such norms are measuring tools to show the way society is thinking at the current time. At this age, information and knowledge is crucial to becoming normal. It is normal to be too knowledgeable and intelligent in many things, and this is possibly a good thing.