November 24, 2015

Putin In Iran To Hold Talks Regarding Syria

Category: Politics — Dave @ 3:19 am

In Tehran, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Syrians must decide their future for themselves. He said this talking among Iranian leaders focused on ending the Syrian crisis while implementing an international peace plan to end the four-year civil war that had displaced 3 million Syrians and left millions of men, women and children dead.

“No one from the outside can and should enforce models of government on the Syrian people and determine who should be in charge,” Putin said. “Only the Syrian people should decide that. There is no other way to reach a long-term settlement of the Syrian problem except through political talks.”

The Russian-Syrian Relation

Consistently, Russia has vetoed all attempts of the UN to put boots on the ground or provide military supplies to the Syrian rebellion against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The UN believes Russia’s close ties to Syrian President Assad has the country shield the Syrian Regime’s actions

According to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the UN and the United States intend to achieve diplomacy by using military means in Syria. He stressed that Iran and Russia must prevent the violence from escalating through wisdom and interaction.

The United States, France and other countries are talking about possible joint action against the Islamic State after the attacks on Paris and the destruction of a Russian jet in Egypt.