August 23, 2012

A Cause for Alarm and Bad Governance: The Philippine RH Bill Plagiarism

Recently, I’ve caught wind of the political situation in the Philippines. The RH Bill, or the reproductive health bill, is the biggest political discussion in the country nowadays. It aims to provide help to reproductive health by providing health centers, supplements and legitimizing services, such as abortion, to help families and individuals become healthier citizens.

However, as a Catholic country, the Philippine Congress, and senators who approve of the bill, are under fire from Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). What I saw wrong here was that they aimed to excommunicate those who supported the said bill. Just because it contradicts to their teachings, having them excommunicated from their beliefs is never the right answer.

There’s just something wrong with the situation and the way the government and authorities are handling the situation. One senator, by the name of Vicente Sotto, had plagiarized an article from a blogger named Sarah Pope, who runs the Healthy Home Economist website. This particular article was discussed in the senate, and read by a heartfelt senator, in which the details of such were read in a great manner. I’ve done my research. Vicente Sotto, or known as “Tito” Sotto, in his country, was a former actor, and a host in a noontime variety show. That figures.

Religious restrictions and bad governance, see for yourself here, is a big trouble with the Philippines. Believe me, I know Filipinos who are quite intelligent and have great experience and knowledge, but the people in their government are really the ones making things worse for them. There should be a separation of the church and the state in their country. Religious beliefs cannot play a big factor when it comes to the health of their citizens. People should be able to decide against the government and not kneel down its power.

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