November 25, 2014

The Silliness of Binary Thinking

Category: Opinions — Tags: , , , – Dave @ 1:41 am

Today’s world is probably seeing the worst of thinking as we know it. Bigotry has manifested into a binary form of thought that has led many to believe that their own belief is the only thing that exists.

The trouble is that people only think things in black and white. If one thing is not productive, then it is trouble. If one thing does not produce anything, it is useless.

I found it disturbing that people would actually assert their successes rather than their methods on how they achieved this success.

Another thing I found troublesome is that people think that if this one belief serves them properly during a point in their lives, then that is the right way to live. If this belief had brought them the kind of life they wanted, then they’re the only ones who are correct.

It saddens me that religion, politics and even philosophy, could keep a close mind towards the progress of human development. What saddens me more is racial discrimination, while supposedly abolished, is still present in the media airwaves today.

It is important to see the value of human lives and the quality of living instead of saying and claiming many things that are inclined for productivity, but never the value of a person. It is sad to note that we’re all bickering about asserting human rights rather than putting forward the fact that life is valuable and that every life on Earth deserves all that it could get.