January 21, 2015

Google Will Invest in SpaceX to Help Create a Global Internet Service

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Now it’s possible. Google and SpaceX could possibly create the biggest dream never before thought possible. They are teaming up to spread an Internet-by-satellite service.

SpaceX, one of Tech Tycoon Elon Musk’s projects, is attempting an ambitious plan to provide Internet services for the rest of the world.

Google had provided a $1 billion investment to SpaceX to help it take the Internet to space using satellites. Google’s investment has brought SpaceX’s value to $10 billion.

Musk said he intends to take the Internet to Mars and improve its service for Earth.

Meanwhile, Google had earlier tried similar plans, such as Project Loon 2013, which flew balloons that transmitted signal in different continents.

I’m thinking of all the possibilities that SpaceX’s project would definitely do for the world. Anybody with access to the Internet could access the information that they didn’t know from before.

Meanwhile, it is a great pleasure to see that it isn’t just SpaceX and Google who are racing out to improve global Internet connections. Facebook has outlined its own plans to improve Internet services worldwide using drones.

Think of a world that is connected 24/7, without much service troubles and a flat rate. Maybe these companies are planning to start something. Maybe they want the Internet to be as free as air in the world.