October 15, 2014

I Am Appalled at the Killing of This Trangender Woman in the Philippines

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It seems that still, some Americans do not respect the LGBT community, not for their gender, but for their humanity.

Jeffrey Laude, a Transgender Filipino Female, died at the hands of a US Marine who met her at a local bar in the Philippines. The suspect’s ship, the USS Peleliu, remains halted and stationed in Philippine waters as US and Philippine authorities investigate the crime.

The suspect’s identity is still unknown because no formal charges exist as of yet.

Hotel authorities said that Laude, 26 years old, was dead inside a hotel in Olongapo City, at the southern part of the country’s Luzon continent. The Transgender female’s head may have been pushed into the toilet several times. Investigators also found two used condoms in the trash bin.

It is heartbreaking to note that Laude died less than an hour after she checked in with a male foreigner.

I only know of one thing that could fuel such rancour against the third gender. It is possibly this certain American has hatred for the community. Or, given the lacking discerning capabilities of us Westerners to spot “real women” and “transgenders” in Asian countries, he may have discovered he was male and was surprised.

Regardless the motive, I am appalled by the killing of a transgender woman. Every person has the right to express him or herself and be free from all condemnation.


September 17, 2013

Putin Against LGBTs. What’s New?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin really needs a great kick in the balls. Proposing a bill that limits the spread of information about LGBTs and welcoming one’s chosen identity in preservation of “traditional Russian values” is never a good excuse to arrest several gays and lesbians just because you hate them.

The Russian government had been greatly notorious when it comes to treating demonstrations and had made notable arrests in pride marches and demonstrations. There’s really nothing new about this new law.

However, this is counter-productive for Russia; even if the country’s economy is strong and its people are hailed the least emotional of all in the world. Today the country stands with pride and has a great standing in the world, but once it falls, all these laws and all the harassing risks the Russian government took will take its toll in the future.

What the Russian government fails to see is that the LGBTs are similar to blacks, who were thought by the former elite to be a bane to humanity but today are accepted as part of society in equal standing with all colors and sexes. This is the same with effeminate men and manly women; they are not banes to humanity.

They should never be arrested because it is never a crime to be one’s self, even in defiance of Russian tradition, or any kind of tradition in the world.

June 29, 2012

Cyber Anonymity: One Obstacle Towards Eliminating Discrimination

As you have read my past posts, I believe you’ve noticed that I want to fight for the rights of the minorities, particularly those of sex and color. Clearly, based on what I’ve seen in the media’s conservative presentation of the LGBT, the minority still has little to no public voice to date. Today’s modern society can accept the existence of the LGBT. However, the step towards eliminating discrimination has a curse and grace: the Internet.

The Internet is a vast network of interlinked computers all over the world. Anyone who has access to the Internet, such as yourself and I, can share information about ourselves, regardless of whether true or false. With this kind of power, the LGBT community were able to share more about their ideas, garner the attention and support of many people, including myself. I discovered about their ideologies, their objectives, how exactly they became people as normal as anybody else and why they did not deserve such treatment.

However, as mentioned earlier, anything can be shared over the Internet. Some community websites that allow users anonymous profiles enable them to post many remarks under the shield of an assumed identity. Still, by looking through the comments from image to video sharing community websites, there are still many racist remarks.

Most image-sharing communities even present jokes about color and sex. As people can post their material with an assumed identity, such as anonymous user names and profile photos, they can just leave such remarks. It goes without saying that once you’ve lifted up the mask of society, still everyone can’t accept the fact that they’re no less better than anyone else.

The Internet is a great tool for communication, social interaction and for sharing your own ideas. However, it can be easy to spread ideas over the vast network of computers. Somehow, cyber anonymity is the biggest obstacle towards eliminating discrimination. Coupled with selfishness, indifference and apathy, the doors towards the acceptance of all genders and colors is still a long way to go.

June 6, 2012

Media Conservatism and LGBT Violence

I was talking to a friend over coffee yesterday. She is a member of an LGBT community. After we talked about many things about our lives, we eventually tackled the subject of how were things in the LGBT community. She is a lesbian. She was saying that their efforts to raise the awareness of same-sex relationships, unique sexual and identity orientations and anti-violence campaigns were very effective. We focused on the anti-violence campaigns and I was really shocked to hear that still, the violence against LGBT and coloured people were still very high.

Then I was watching the tube earlier with my husband. Most news segments we encountered rarely depicted the realities that the LGBT community faced. Then I realized that the media outfits in the country did not really bother to report about these particular violent scenarios to the LGBT communities. Somehow, it was related to conservatism. The media cannot show the particular details because a unique sexual or identity orientation can be very devastating in terms of media integrity.

I searched in the Internet and found that my friend was telling the truth. In this particular article, I discovered that in 2011, the highest number of LGBT murders were discovered. The increase was around 11%. Hate murders of colour made up 87% of the 30 murders reported last year by the National Coalition of Anti Violence Programs in America. Transgender women made up the 40% of those murders.

I also found in this news article that in Iraq, LGBT’s were still considered “adulterous” by the Shiite neighbourhoods. This is clearly depressing news. Iraq may have been freed by the Americans, but still, their predominant patriarchal culture still affects the way they might accept gay and other unique sexual orientations.

However, I saw none of these make the evening news. News like these are only found in the Internet. So thank God for the Internet as it is indeed a great source of information. But this clearly indicates that almost every news outfit out there is trying their best to only provide the top news, which might reflect conservatism in my case. Newspapers are even following suit.

If we are not aware of the crimes against our unique fellowmen, then it is certainly something we must think about. A person’s death, and any kind of atrocity, is something very important for every person to know. Sure the media cannot report everything in a short 1 hour or even 30 minute segment, but given the ratio of news relating to hate murders and human rights as to financial, business and entertainment subjects can be estimated roughly to 1:10. Are we blinded by such conservatism in the news or caught up with the lives of actors and personalities as the media intends us to be, given that we did not notice this gap? I think we are, and it looks like it is going to be a huge problem in the future.