September 11, 2014

Alibis are Small Things That Guarantee Various Results

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Once, I have attended a public court hearing. The case revolved around rape where a 21-year-old woman was forced to have intercourse by a middle-aged male. Both lawyers collected facts with cross-examination and presentation of evidence. It seemed the suspect was winning, the evidence was on his side, as well as an alibi.

His alibi was that the girl was drunk and had forced herself on him. Evidence showed that a woman’s strength created the tears in her dress found in the crime scene. This alibi will prove to free the suspect, who might or might not actually be a culprit in the case.

Alibis are actually the reasons why the legal system in every country, even in the greatly-efficient legal industry of the United Kingdom. A suspect with an alibi has a walk-away-free guarantee simply because the evidence points the other way. Meanwhile, the alibi, supported with possible evidence tampering, could create loopholes in the law.

Most rich and elite people get away with these crimes by having smaller individuals tamper with evidence. Most of these people are the ones who should be serving the law. Attracted to the money involved in performing such a menial task, they are more than willing.

This is why some powerful people in different countries want people to drown in a dwindling economy; it limits the capabilities of adversaries, and keeps them in power. It allows them to manipulate people through wealth, and all it takes to be free is a single, justifiable alibi.

July 11, 2014

How the Middle Eastern Conflicts Show the True Nature of Humanity

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We are humans. We have dreams. More than survival, we want something more to life, and that is fulfilment. However, when we fail to achieve our fulfilments even with the best of our efforts, we become cynical. This is when people turn to society, religion and philosophy for guidance.

In the Middle East, sectarian divisions practice different versions of religions, and each hold a different value system from one another. The desire to help each other, and the idea of belongingness, helps soften the reality of failures, and allow them to move in a collective manner towards a single goal. In religion this is common, and true human nature shows the extremes one could go for one’s dream.

Israel’s recent losses with three teenagers mercilessly kidnapped and killed, had accused Hamas and Gaza of committing such heinous acts. Without much evidence to clarify the situation, Israel’s military had begun operations against the militant group, claiming more lives in the process.

Revenge can be a dream, but it shows the true nature of humanity and his or her passion in fulfilling a goal that will satisfy their current situation. It shows that humanity is eternally in conflict with one another. In contrast, it also shows the biggest opportunity for love and acceptance from both sides.

But the world, becoming cynical and accepting the fact that dreams cannot be realised and only survival, belongingness and a collective goal is the only way, forgets about these noble values and instead, turns against his or her brother or sister. The raw reaction in the Middle East proves this. The rest of the world denies that they are likely to be like the Middle East by doing the same thing, but in secret and with transparent words.

August 26, 2013

Why I Would Like to Disagree With Lord Blair

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Blair might certainly have a point that a state secret allows countries to protect themselves against outside forces. But to improve law to protect “national secrets” does not sit well with me. What they did to David Miranda does not sit well with me either. I’d like to disagree with Lord Blair; the people need to know what their governments are doing because we’re paying them to do their job.

The NSA-GCHQ surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden increased the issue of increased illegal surveillance by both organisations, who cross reference databases that allow them to search for potential criminals. However, this certainly downplays an individual’s privacy, which, according to international law, is a right of any individual.

There is a point about the media revealing the government’s operations; potential criminals and organised crime syndicates could make use of the processes to bend things to their will. If they do not know about the process, it also helps defend the country against them. However, sooner or later these processes would be revealed.

The more the people know, the more the people could defend themselves. If we knew about the surveillance programs in the different countries in the world, people would automatically hide their personal information and if possible, they could facilitate the capture of potential suspects by exposing them instead of using surveillance.

Privacy is one thing, but public offices are what the first adjective says. They are public, and publicly-owned, I want to know where my investments progress.

May 16, 2013

Modern Slavery and How “Big Bodies” Control You

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Every day, you go to work. You wake up early, set up breakfast for your children (if you’re a mom), you do the groceries, pay your bills, taxes and save up for some of the things you want. Most of the things you purchase on a daily basis go on credit. Most western country citizens have 30% of their income going to their mortgage, financing for a new car, etc.

All these things are things we need. I myself have mortgage to pay for my own house and my car. I pay at least 15% of my monthly income. However, this is how subtle slavery actually works in the world today.

Modern media proclaims that only a person with a stable job, a good house and a family that could grow with good education is the “model family”. With good family values, a family stays together through tough times. However, having a family ties you with different commitments. While familial obligations are not objectionable, the financial side of the problem makes you a profitable resource for your country, namely the corporations that rule in your country.

Banks offer you financial products to finance the things you need. You get tied on credit being enticed by beautiful and expensive appliances, vehicles and houses. Corporations amass great riches that sometimes influence government decisions that favour certain industries. In the end, where does it leave the common citizen?

“Big bodies” control you by introducing you to things that you don’t need. They’ve used the moral code of every human being to build capital and business. Anything that is immoral is a potential threat to this system and if everyone turns immoral, their system will break down.

However, this is modern slavery. Even if you think you are in control, you are only having an illusion of control.

December 4, 2012

Music Artists and The Internet: Did Musicians Ever Have a Problem?

Many record-label signed musicians, artists and bands have continuously pulled out of their contracts nowadays because of the Internet. Many musicians state that the Internet was a way to kill the music industry, but on the contrary, much more musicians stated that the Internet was a great tool for delivering their music easier and faster to people. The Internet was well known for being a tool of piracy, but then, new methods made it easier for independent musicians to make their name and existing musicians to earn the profit better for themselves.

As a global community, websites that help artists and musicians coordinate with their fans to form events and produce albums have allowed the artist to earn more money and have a “fan-supported” event without the other sponsors, without the approval of record-label managers and supported entirely by the donations and fund-raising of the fans.

In reality, the music industry in the last few decades were dictated by the higher-ups. Record labels stated what music should their musicians do. They set standards in terms of audio quality, album production, images and other details that ensure the musician appeared the “standard” of music. Independent musicians have complete control over their music and the Internet became a way for them to spread the music.

Did musicians ever have a problem with the Internet? All the news we see and read are only about record labels and associations complaining about profits falling and divided twice or even ten times the recent decades because of piracy. As any musician and artist stated, the Internet is slowly changing the consumer culture from an industry-standard one into something that is more near and closer to the heart and preferences of the musicians and their fans.

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October 1, 2012

What Will Happen if the Internet Gets Privatized

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The Internet is one of the best resources that technology has given to humanity. The ability to post and disseminate information that you know first-hand, talking to people and loved ones, finding the knowledge you need for basic to advanced education and expressing yourself has grown much larger through the technology. However, what would happen if the Internet was indeed privatized?

Privatization means the buying and managing of a certain product or service by a single company or group. By privatizing the Internet, they have access to all the information that users share in the Internet and have control over what appears and what can’t. They also have the means to improve connections and withhold services to people or territories in which they find the Internet threatening or unsuitable.

Should the Internet be privatized, a code of conduct will be implemented throughout the network. The behavior of users can be monitored. With such, information stored in social media can easily be used by authorities wielding it in their own power to use it against the person. The biggest threat is that these information can be sold to companies and businesses, which can compromise personal security.

Just like television, the media appearing in the Internet will be controlled. Governments can censor what appears in the Internet based on moral and ethical discipline as dictated by them.

What made the Internet special for all of us is that it allowed us to use curse words. It allowed the freedom of expression and explanation for people who have their own reasons to express themselves offensively or in a shrewd manner. But then, words and images are harmless.

The Internet is a cyber-neighborhood and users are responsible for the things they consume. If the companies privatize the Internet, it is the equivalent of being told where to live, what to dress and how to talk or else you will be punished by law. We must fight against privatization of the Internet. We must stand by our neighborhoods, as the Internet is also one of our homes.

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A Cause for Alarm and Bad Governance: The Philippine RH Bill Plagiarism

August 23, 2012

A Cause for Alarm and Bad Governance: The Philippine RH Bill Plagiarism

Recently, I’ve caught wind of the political situation in the Philippines. The RH Bill, or the reproductive health bill, is the biggest political discussion in the country nowadays. It aims to provide help to reproductive health by providing health centers, supplements and legitimizing services, such as abortion, to help families and individuals become healthier citizens.

However, as a Catholic country, the Philippine Congress, and senators who approve of the bill, are under fire from Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). What I saw wrong here was that they aimed to excommunicate those who supported the said bill. Just because it contradicts to their teachings, having them excommunicated from their beliefs is never the right answer.

There’s just something wrong with the situation and the way the government and authorities are handling the situation. One senator, by the name of Vicente Sotto, had plagiarized an article from a blogger named Sarah Pope, who runs the Healthy Home Economist website. This particular article was discussed in the senate, and read by a heartfelt senator, in which the details of such were read in a great manner. I’ve done my research. Vicente Sotto, or known as “Tito” Sotto, in his country, was a former actor, and a host in a noontime variety show. That figures.

Religious restrictions and bad governance, see for yourself here, is a big trouble with the Philippines. Believe me, I know Filipinos who are quite intelligent and have great experience and knowledge, but the people in their government are really the ones making things worse for them. There should be a separation of the church and the state in their country. Religious beliefs cannot play a big factor when it comes to the health of their citizens. People should be able to decide against the government and not kneel down its power.

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July 6, 2012

Syrian Violence and Massacre: The Political Side of Things

I know its quite unusual for internet-savvy people like me, but recently, I’ve watched the TV more often than I should. It’s because I caught in the evening news that the Syrian Crisis has escalated to more than tens of thousands of deaths. The more I watched the more I understood why the people continued to be killed. The Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, is continuously cracking down on the Syrian opposition. Anybody who supports the protesters and opposes the government is subject to death.

The UN is already on the case, but are powerless to act. Kofi Annan, the UN’s special envoy for peacekeeping missions gave his prescription of a national unified government. Most world powers agreed with his idea. However, it is the Syrian opposition who had refused to actually support the solution for the entire ordeal.

In this particular context of the situation, I found myself condemning the actions of both parties. While sectarianism and a deep divide is abound in Syria because of two idealistic parties, they are not the ones who are suffering the damages of their civil war. It is the people. It was reported by UN observers that 49 children were massacred in the bombing of the Homs village in Syria. President Al-Assad is to be tried for crimes against humanity.

What’s also bothering me is that, the UN upholds Syria’s sovereignty in the midst of innocent lives defenseless against military force described as a crackdown. This is why politics is never good. UN’s position in the Syrian crisis, even if they appear to want to do anything, is ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’. If they do something and use force to preserve the peace in Syria, they can be condemned for their actions. However, if they were not to act as quickly as possible, they are also damned per death of innocent lives.

Clearly, action is needed in these particular situations. But the problem is that politics is getting in the way. The UN intends to resolve the conflict in Syria through helping the internal parties have a clear resolution. Violence is never the answer for anything. Kofi Annan states that only through peace and the acceptance that both sides have a common, shared future can the Syrian crisis actually stop.

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