November 25, 2014

The Silliness of Binary Thinking

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Today’s world is probably seeing the worst of thinking as we know it. Bigotry has manifested into a binary form of thought that has led many to believe that their own belief is the only thing that exists.

The trouble is that people only think things in black and white. If one thing is not productive, then it is trouble. If one thing does not produce anything, it is useless.

I found it disturbing that people would actually assert their successes rather than their methods on how they achieved this success.

Another thing I found troublesome is that people think that if this one belief serves them properly during a point in their lives, then that is the right way to live. If this belief had brought them the kind of life they wanted, then they’re the only ones who are correct.

It saddens me that religion, politics and even philosophy, could keep a close mind towards the progress of human development. What saddens me more is racial discrimination, while supposedly abolished, is still present in the media airwaves today.

It is important to see the value of human lives and the quality of living instead of saying and claiming many things that are inclined for productivity, but never the value of a person. It is sad to note that we’re all bickering about asserting human rights rather than putting forward the fact that life is valuable and that every life on Earth deserves all that it could get.

August 14, 2014

People Are Hostile Because of the Information We Receive

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Nobody is foreign to the idea of viral information in today’s internet culture. Viral posts spread on social networks like wildfire and most of these are factual with credible sources. Internet readers then recognise the existence of facts all over the world, and it infuriates them to know about negative aspects of life in the world, their powerlessness to act against it, and the consequences of a possible action.

Information is relevant even if it is just a small thing. Let’s imagine that you were just dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend. Knowing your significant other is also in pain, you also wallow in your own loss. However, when you begin to know that he or she is already happy with someone else, this small bit of information can send you in emotional bouts with yourself.

Today’s world has grown cynical with the realities presented to them. Researchers are accurately measuring poverty, food shortage, wars, gender violence and other kinds of problems existing in the world. However, they feel that they are powerless to act except to create demonstrations to have their voice heard. But still, nothing can be done. If anybody tried to usurp the existing social order, a heavy price to pay is needed before the world is rebuilt, and again, the same problem can exist.

Living in the information age is receiving information that we want and do not want to know about. When we realise that the world is not as it was cracked up to be, chances are we become cynical and lose the will to continue further, because we think we are powerless.

Today’s society is equivalent to knowing so much, but no one to tell a secret to because you cannot trust anyone.

July 11, 2014

How the Middle Eastern Conflicts Show the True Nature of Humanity

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We are humans. We have dreams. More than survival, we want something more to life, and that is fulfilment. However, when we fail to achieve our fulfilments even with the best of our efforts, we become cynical. This is when people turn to society, religion and philosophy for guidance.

In the Middle East, sectarian divisions practice different versions of religions, and each hold a different value system from one another. The desire to help each other, and the idea of belongingness, helps soften the reality of failures, and allow them to move in a collective manner towards a single goal. In religion this is common, and true human nature shows the extremes one could go for one’s dream.

Israel’s recent losses with three teenagers mercilessly kidnapped and killed, had accused Hamas and Gaza of committing such heinous acts. Without much evidence to clarify the situation, Israel’s military had begun operations against the militant group, claiming more lives in the process.

Revenge can be a dream, but it shows the true nature of humanity and his or her passion in fulfilling a goal that will satisfy their current situation. It shows that humanity is eternally in conflict with one another. In contrast, it also shows the biggest opportunity for love and acceptance from both sides.

But the world, becoming cynical and accepting the fact that dreams cannot be realised and only survival, belongingness and a collective goal is the only way, forgets about these noble values and instead, turns against his or her brother or sister. The raw reaction in the Middle East proves this. The rest of the world denies that they are likely to be like the Middle East by doing the same thing, but in secret and with transparent words.

December 18, 2013

The Hip in Today’s Culture: Independence and Knowledge

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Observing the young students, graduates and professionals of 2013, the world has clearly spun around quite long enough for those who lived in the older generations to make keen observations. The mainstream culture in the younger society changes fast as trends in businesses change accordingly as well. While it was discussed what is normal in today’s society, this will talk about what’s hip in today’s culture.

Hooking up and picking up women and expanding their networks is what a young male does for entertainment and for social interaction. In the western hemisphere of the world, sex and personal independence is crucial for a young male to prosper in his professional life.

For a female, it is almost the same. Except that during the earlier generations, women liked to be courted. Today, many females also court males that they desire.

Based on these observations, it is keen to say that independence plays a great role in the western world. Some Southeast Asian countries may adopt this system as well, but some still retain their traditions, especially in more religious countries.

You’re hip if you have a creative outlet, could dance and talk very well, have good grammar and are knowledgeable about fixing computers or certain devices. Geeks have reached the mainstream and those who were once outcasts are now the most hip people.

Hip contributed in the shunning of unintelligence and mere bravado. With great highways of information, people could research and become knowledgeable in anything they could possibly want.

December 4, 2012

Greek Austerity Measures: Is It Really Unfair?

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I read the news recently that Greece has finally passed its final version of its 2013 spending cuts for their entire country. Currently, Greece is in deep debt within the eurozone, but, as it still intends to stay in the euro, all countries in the euro are also trying to help it recover. Greece’s economy is failing and its unemployment rate has recently hit 45%, a very large number amounting to its new graduates.

Greece, Spain and Italy are all focal points of the eurozone crisis, which began with defaulted stocks and bonds from these countries that eventually led everything to a series of financial troubles. Greece’s decision today was met with criticism by different political groups and its citizens, with a poll of the country’s local newspaper stating that at least 66% of the respondents were against the policies but 52% wanted to give the government more time for their action.

Opposition groups stated that the austerity measures were unfair, even if it were the last sacrifice that the Greeks will need to suffer. They stated that the new spending cuts would not enable the citizens to provide for their daily needs.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras called on the country to make a final sacrifice for the sake of saving their economy and staying in the euro. However, 80,000 marched to parliament last Wednesday and 15,000 more marched today to stop the signing and finalizing of the measures, which were met with violence between riot police and the protesters.

All facts taken into consideration, unlocking a 31.5 billion euro in austerity is fair enough for the Greeks. All 17 eurozone countries had helped the country bail itself out of its high debts and poor banking metrics in the past and indeed, it needs to make sacrifice before it can breath easy.

In my opinion, I believe the austerity measures are not even unfair to say the least. It would benefit lowering the riskiness of Greece in terms of financing to get their bailout operation in action. If the austerity measures, aside the fact that many people will continue to suffer in the economy, were implemented, it would only last for a while and then the country can finally get back to its foot. No lender wants to have a defaulted loan, so the low risk the country is, the better for their own sake, I mean, at least they have an option to keep themselves low risk.

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